Most entrepreneurs who have just set up a small startup business would agree unanimously that real, organic, and engaging followers on Instagram are the most powerful audiences that one can build on social media.

Today, Instagram has been a promising platform not only to gain more customers for your startup business but also one of the best ways to build your brand presence. If you have few thousand followers who are real and engaged, you can turn your Instagram business account into a multi-million dollar business in just a few years.

Many people think that there are some deep secrets that the most popular brands or Instagram accounts must be hiding, but truth to be told, there are no secrets. To grow on Instagram you only need three things- Time, Patience, and Hard-work.

So whether you have a startup business selling quirky t-shirts, or you are running yoga classes, these tips will help you launch your business on Instagram in a new light:

1. Post Engaging Content

Ask yourself one question- why would you want to follow a business account on Instagram? Will you do it for their awesome products or services that you might come to know from ads that they run, or because they post highly engaging content on their profile?

The answer is simple and true- for their content.

To grow properly on Instagram, a business must focus on posting content that is of high quality and engaging as well. Post engagement is what brings growth to Instagram and helps a brand to establish its strong presence.

Some people think that posting promotional offers on their profile will get them, customers. But the harsh reality is that nobody wants to see unnecessary promotional material on their feed. People want to follow accounts that deliver value. If you are an entrepreneur with a solid startup business plan, maybe it is time to rethink your entire content strategy.

2. Follow Accounts that Deliver High Value

Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes you can simply get it from your competitors who are doing well in their business. You can follow them and they can follow you back. Many people have rejected the idea of following/unfollow strategy, however, if done correctly it can prove to be effective.

If you are struggling to build followers on your business account, you can implement the follow/unfollow strategy. Also finding the right people to follow is the biggest issue and this is where most of the strategies fail. It is very essential to find the right kind of people who would be genuinely interested in your specific type of content. To find accounts that will be interested in your type of content and carve out your own space by increasing 500 followers per month on Instagram.

3. Be Ultra Social

Instagram is a social media platform. Unlike LinkedIn, you need to engage and socialize with your followers to keep them following your account here. And it can be rewarding for the social people. If you have a small startup business that has something to offer people- a product, service, or simply your expertise on a particular subject, there are plenty of ways to find value on Instagram.

If you engage with others, people will engage with you. And Engagement leads to growth and you will likely begin to gain followers from your contributions.

Social Media platforms can be really rewarding and prove to be a contributing factor in your business growth if used to their maximum potential. Many entrepreneurs think that there must be some easy-way-out like buying followers, but that is not organic and will harm your online presence in the future.

So use these three hacks mentioned above to increase followers by creating great content, and you too will find great success for your business on Instagram. To learn more about marketing strategies and techniques that work, you can take our Problem Solving Courses.