Personal branding is crucial! It is a successful practice of people marketing themselves and their skills as brands. Whether you are a popular business coach or a fashion designer with a brilliant startup business idea or an excellent cook, it helps in attracting potential clients, customers, and a new job as well as business opportunities. Especially for women entrepreneurs, irrespective of what industry they are in. If you are a female who wants to grow their career heights then personal branding is your best bet.

However, truth to be told, making a strong first impression on popular social media channels is no cakewalk. Self-promotion can be successful for women entrepreneurs only when you post engaging content combined with credibility and confidence.

Here is a list of some of the most amazing tips that can help women entrepreneurs build a great personal brand:

1. Align Brand`s Identity with Yours

“One of the downsides of being a women entrepreneur in today`s world is that we tend to scrutinize too many things”, says Priyanka Bhargav, Head/ Associate Director, Consumer & Brand Research & Insights Myntra – Jabong. This tends to delay things as they overthink and mull over things for a long time.

So what exactly should female entrepreneurs do?

Sync your brand with your identity. If a woman wishes to create and establish a brand for herself, she just needs to go with the flow. Go with what is your personality trait. Go with what you certainly believe in and stand for, which is something inseparable from you; something that no one can take away from you.  It will result in a brand that is authentic, consistent, and a lovable brand that will be loved by Social Media.

2. Share Experiences Online

Our social media presence is often considered an extension of our identities. It not only gives our customers a peek inside our personalities, but it also defines how people and businesses perceive us.

Raka Khashu Razdan - Head, Marketing, CBRE India believes as a women leader, it is necessary to invest some time in building an online presence to highlight strengths and also connect with others to strengthen and build your network.

Sharing personal experiences often encourages other businesswomen or aspiring female entrepreneurs to find motivation. It also helps to find business mentors by picking other`s interests. Such relationships are essential in the present times to spot the right business opportunities.

3. Share Your Work With the World

An individual`s brand is established and maintained first and primarily by the evidence of her work and the outcome of that effort. Hence, creatively present your professional achievements and share them with the audience. It will enhance your credibility amongst your niche segment, making them more connected with you.

4. Use Social Media Cautiously

In a world where everyone is present on social media, everything that you post is not private. Hence, one should be extremely mindful of the profile pictures they use on social media. Always be aware of the fact that whatever content you are posting on social media it is visible to all.

From posts to likes, opinions, and comments, or even what you share and forward creates a perception of yours. You must understand that what may be alright at a personal level may not be necessarily conducive to the professional image that you are trying to establish. So always be cautious of your post.

To attract the right investors, clients, customers, and business opportunities, personal branding is critical for every entrepreneur, irrespective of their gender.  Hence, apply these tips and see your presence growing on social media.

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