Summary: Whether it is asking for a raise or speaking with an investor your negotiation skills can make a huge difference in getting you the best deal.

From salary discussions to closing the deal with a client or speaking with an investor, it can be difficult for many professionals to strike the right balance when negotiating. Neither they would want to ask for too little nor they would risk asking for too much, potentially ruining the chance of an agreement. It takes awareness, social acumen, and finesse when it comes to negotiating well.

If you feel that you lag behind your peers when it comes to negotiation, don’t worry! Negotiating skill is something that can be learned. You can watch an amazing video on Negotiation Skills by Dr. Vivek Bindra- who is a renowned business coach and motivational speaker in India.

Here are 5 strategies that will help you to become better at negotiation:

1. Discover Other Person’s Interests

While having a conversation with a person, it often happens that we tend to focus on his or her position or what exactly that person is trying to say. However, instead, you should ask relevant questions to know more about the real interest that they have.

Try to figure out what it is that they need out of the negotiation so that you both win. By getting to win-win, both parties will feel good and get what they desire. Conduct yourself as though you’re certain that a great result can be achieved if you and the person on the other side of the table work together as members of a team. Maintaining positivity and an affable demeanor throughout is critical.

2. Believe in the Value You Bring

When it comes to negotiation, your mindset matters! If you go into a tough negotiation feeling like the other person is doing you a favor by offering you a raise or by investing in your startup business, you’ve already lost. Knowing what exactly you will bring to the table will not only make you sound more confident but will also help you to define the value you are going to deliver. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask yourself what would impress you about that person who is asking for the money. You can also learn negotiating skills from Dr. Vivek Bindra- the best business coach in India in this video.

3. Ask For More, Always!

Always ask for more when negotiating on payment terms or otherwise. If the employees ask for more money, ask them for more productivity. If a client asks for a lower price, sell them more products or services. When the other person thinks he or she has won, it is much easier to negotiate after that. Let them win the first negotiation, and they will usually be happy enough to let you win two to three more.

4. Conquer Your Fear First

Most of the time people do not negotiate or have trouble negotiating either because of the fear of conflict or fear of being told “no”. Hence, it is essential to identify what you are afraid of.  This allows you to be present in the conversation. Then, before you go into the negotiation, write out the case for your deserving money.

5. Make More Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact makes you appear more confident. Hence, try to make more eye contact. By looking them in the eye and holding their gaze, you signal that you are serious and committed to your ideas. Eye contact also helps you analyze the other person’s body language and gestures to determine how they perceive you so you can adjust how you deliver your message.

Negotiations are an opportunity for everyone involved to get more of what they want. People often worry that they will be perceived as greedy, demanding, or ungrateful when they go into a negotiation, but negotiations aren’t personal. Hence, ask for your desired outcome confidently, with no prejudice.

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