For a budding professional, the most difficult job is to build and grow a personal brand. This will not only boost his morale but also help his/her in securing a job in the corporate field. However, with pressures mounting with time and firms taking extra precautions in hiring candidates amid COVID-19 pandemic, here are five steps for a budding professional to build and grow a personal brand.

Create a Target Audience:

The first and the foremost step for building a personal brand is to create and make aware the target audience aware of the brand. For this, a well-written CV plays a vital role which should include a career summary, academic information, work experience, languages known, certifications, positions of responsibilities, and achievements.

Following this, post the CV in the right platform like Linkedin where recruiters can notice their prospective candidate. Apart from creating a profile, ask peers and ex-fellow employees to endorse your skills. Also, share relevant articles and write those which are relevant to your domain.

Online Classes:

Many of the budding professionals fail to grow their brand as they stick to traditional training. With the situation like COVID-19 pandemic in place and recruiters looking for extra talented people, budding professionals should focus on taking up online classes which makes them ready for the future. Courses like artificial intelligence, digital marketing, graphic designing, content writing, marketing analytics, among others.

Content Writing:

Apart from creating a CV and joining online classes to upgrade skills, a budding professional should write content in the field, in which s/he specialises. Content writing helps in building a professional brand. However, a clear knowledge of one's vision, target audience and goals should be clear for writing content.

Participate in Case Study Competitions:

It is said that participating in case studies helps in building analytical and critical thinking. With this, a person develops the art of paying attention to details. Also, one learns to read between the line and begins strategic thinking. In the beginning, the idea might look scary, but with time this will help a budding professional into an ideal match for the recruiter.

Subscribe to Online Business News Providers:

This is the last step which will help a budding profession to build and grow a personal brand. There is no harm in gaining current affairs related issues. This will help the budding professional in facing the HRs, future colleague and even friends to strike conversations on mutual interest. Even subscribing to OTT platforms like Discovery Plus or History Channel will enhance the chances of being recruited by a firm.

Among all other things, a budding professional should always look for options to enhance his/her skills. This will make him/her more confident and market-ready.