Video marketing is the future and the present, and probably you have heard it everywhere. According to Hubspot, "the video content is no longer an option. It has become a necessary component of any successful marketing strategy."

  • Around 4X as many people would prefer to watch a video regarding a product than read about it.
  • If you include the word "video" in an email subject line, the email opening rate can boost by 19%.
  • Video marketing can also increase click-through rates by 65 percent.
  • A landing page with a video link increases the conversion rate by 80%.

So if you are an entrepreneur who is working hard on a startup business ideas plan, these statistics might convince you to dip your toe in the pool of marketing possibilities.

Here are five things every entrepreneur must know before you begin producing videos:

1. Tell a Story not A Sales Pitch

Whether you have a startup business or an established one, the rules are the same for both content marketing and video marketing. Hence, similar to content marketing, the value should be on priority. Avoid annoying your customers by constantly bombarding them with your products and services promotion. Instead, center your video on a grasping story.

Also, take out the time to research your customers` desires, wants, and desires, and appeal to them through visual narrative. Put your product or service in the background, and instead focus on human emotion. This will allow people to feel connected with the brand. You can also hire a business coach to work along with you to bring in a fresh perspective.

2. Make 'How-to-Videos'

If you are planning to launch a new product for your startup business or service this year, make your customers informed through videos. Create a video to give them a demo of how it works. Why? According to a report by viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video as compared to the text.

In addition, around 30% of people`s YouTube searches are for how-to-queries. And YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google. Also, customers are more likely to purchase a product only after watching how-to videos explaining a product or a service.

3. The Critical First 10 Seconds

10 seconds---that's how long you will have to grab a user`s attention before he moves on to the next best thing online. Research shows that you tend to lose 1/3 of your viewers by 30 seconds, and 60% of them by 2 minutes. The window is very short and with each passing second, you might lose your customers to your competitors. Hence, get your point across to convince viewers that your video is worth watching.

So start your video with a hook to grab users` attention, and then immediately convey why they should keep watching.

4. Don`t Be Discouraged

We probably come across thousands of videos, some of them excellently well-scripted with awesome sound and visual quality. Though, we all love to make ultra-professional videos, many small to medium-sized businesses lack the budget and manpower for this. But do not be disheartened!

You don`t need expensive video equipment to make good videos. Video quality is not the most important thing, but rather the content. Content is the most important qualifier in successful video marketing. And smartphones can be your best bet if used to their maximum potential.

5. Don`t Be Predictable

Unless it`s not the day of your paycheck, predictability is boring! And, a boring video can do more harm than good. Make videos that will make your customers laugh, teach them something new and take them into another world. Put all the essential ingredients like comedy, wit, charm, honesty, and product description, and you will realize that originality has many takers.

Even if you are in a boring business, videos can still be an interesting and super-fantastic way to let your customers gain an insight into your products and services. A highly engaging video can work like a charm for your business if done properly.

To give your aspirations wings, you can take our Business Coaching Programs through which you will gain in-depth knowledge about the distinct business dimensions. From content marketing to video marketing, we have it all, only if you are ready to learn.