Summary: Success needs collaboration, communication, and people. No one has ever succeeded alone. But sometimes managing different people from distinct backgrounds can be a little tricky. Discover 5 ways to work with people, efficiently.

Clarity and kindness can go a long way when it comes to building and running a startup business successfully. While your business idea might begin in your head, to materialize it, you will need a highly efficient team. Even if you are working in a corporate world, teamwork is an essential skill.

So if you are someone who wants to get along with people at your workplace or looking for easier ways to build the high-productive team for your startup business, here are 5 ways:

1. Provide Constructive Feedback

Working in a group when the deadline is reaching nearer can get difficult. Conflicts are inevitable in that situation. So instead of getting caught up in a useless argument, focus more on a solution. When two people are working together, disagreements are pretty normal. So instead of focusing on the negative part, bring an actionable solution to the table that helps take things forward.

2. Appreciate & Give Credit

If someone has done a commendable job, acknowledge and appreciate the. But do not limit it only to the team. Do it when you are talking to your investors as well. Appreciation makes individuals valued and more invested in the company.

You can also organize a wall of fame or Rewards & Recognition ceremony where team members get rewards for their efforts and get a shout-out from their fellow team members can be a great way to thank your colleagues and subordinates. When people feel demotivated and exhausted, a concrete memory of successes can help them keep going.

3. Be Accountable for Your Mistakes

If something goes wrong and it`s your fault, be honest and accountable. The first step to finding solutions to a problem is to accept it, be upfront about what happened. While your first impulse might be to underplay it and sweet it under the rug, avoid doing it like a plague. Don`t try to blame someone else, as it will only cause more problems.

4. Understand Your Strengths

Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses can make you more efficient and productive. Before taking up a new project with a different team, you must take inventory of the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates.

5. Stick to Schedule at all cost

Emergencies can throw everything off the table and can catch you off guard. So from the start make some ground rules with your team, such as for how long a meeting will last and how often will those meetings happen. It is easier to get pulled in all directions instead of focusing on one thing. Figure out how people like to communicate and talk things out. Whether short meetings or long meetings are perfect, or would you rather do an email or chat update at the end of the day.

It makes sense that you would like to finish up work that is been delegated to you, but sometimes to finish work on deadlines, you can ask for help from your peers. Once the word is done, acknowledge them for their help and say thank you.

Gratitude always goes a long way and when you are working in a potentially stressful situation, it can help you to build an amicable environment. The above-mentioned 5 things will help you to work with people most efficiently and will bring productive results.

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