With the onset of New Year 2022, a new variant of the virus has stuck our nation once again! Where large organizations have adopted the hybrid model of working, small business owners are again worried about the future of their business due to slow business operations. However, many startup owners are taking their venture to new heights despite the lockdown and other business challenges. How? Because they are good leaders!

Good leaders are indispensable, not just for an organization but also for the success of the business. Hence, organizations and business leaders need to train themselves for the right mindset and clear goals-especially when it comes to entrepreneurs.

Successful entrepreneurs are defined by three characteristics- 1. They are powerful risk-takers. 2. They can navigate through uncertain times. 3. They are highly ambiguous explorers. These three traits are critical for anyone who wants to grow as they enable a leader to perform, analyze and find solutions.

A strong entrepreneurial leader can turn problems into an opportunity that not only benefits the organization, but also contributes to his or her personal growth, and society at large. And at Bada Business, Dr. Vivek Bindra strongly believes that entrepreneurial leadership is both a mindset and a skill set. And the best part is that it can be taught!

And with the booster dose of Leadership Funnel Program 2.0, this program will help you to create opportunities for your business and will enable you to lead change, create value across business and society, and solve business challenges. To catalyst your growth, Dr. Vivek Bindra is bringing a powerful booster dose of Leadership Funnel Program 2.0 that will deliver the unique content of 300 days in just THREE HOURS! This course is designed to develop a mindset that will help you to see opportunities where others see challenges and acts as a muscle you can strengthen with the right practices and strategies.

Dr. Vivek Bindra—the best motivational speaker in India will be explaining 26 Strategies that will make your business-Pandemic Proof! Here are 26 strategies that will help your business to grow despite the challenges:

1) Capture the Inconvenience

2) Market Research

3) Talent Acquisition

4) Talent Engagement

5) Talent Retention

6) Talent Off Boarding

7) Team Management

8) Startup Metrics

9) Bait and Hook Model

10) Intellectual Property Rights

11) Design Thinking

12) Brand Positioning

13) Product Pricing Strategy

14) Reduce your COCA

15) Product Packaging

16) Creative Business Cards

17) 10Cs of Content Creation

18) How does a Brand become Viral?

19) Must-Haves in your Ads

20) 5As of Marketing

21) Online Reputation Management

22) Performance Management

23) Billion $ Business

24) Passive Income

25) Designing Effective KRA - KPIs

26) Project Management

So why not give your business the growth that it deserves? Do not forget to attend the powerful booster dose of LFP 2.0 on 26th January 2022.

Register Now: https://badabusiness.com/lfp-booster