You have started your dream business and have just bought a new phone. But is it really useful without having things that can help you grow your business? Without useful apps, your smartphone is as good as a telephone with no apps in it.

As an entrepreneur, you need to keep yourself as well as your phone updated with the latest apps that can help you learn and grow with quality content related to different aspects of the business. That being said the app store in today`s world consists of millions of applications that claim to be extremely informative. However, that’s not true.

As an entrepreneur who is always on his toes because of the multiple roles, your device should reflect what you truly believe in productivity. So here are going to tell you about a wonderful app that is informative, trustworthy, and can be your best friend in your entrepreneurial journey.

The Bada Business App was introduced by Dr. Vivek Bindra with the sole aim to provide support and guidance to the young entrepreneurs who often face challenges in business. The app features more than 300 exclusive videos by top industry leaders and Dr. Vivek Bindra- one of the best motivational speakers in India.

The Bada Business App has a 4.3 rating and has 50,000+ installs on the Google Play store. Though the app takes up only 45 Mb to download, it is a reservoir of fundamentals of business with structured strategies and frameworks related to entrepreneurship. The best thing about this app is that it offers its users a high quality of content in Hindi as well as the English language for India`s MSME, SME, Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, other professionals, and students.

The courses and study material are perfectly organized for entrepreneurs to ensure that learning continues with earning. You also get 300 MCQs assessment sheets to help you stay on track for daily progress. The app will not just help you to enhance and develop leadership qualities, but will also allow you to broaden your perspective. Thanks to its structured content framework- it offers content in two categories- Premium Content and Free Content.

Free Content

1. Articles: This section allows users to gain knowledge and information through well-researched articles written by subject matter experts. Users can access articles about business news, strategies & frameworks that can help them to grow business and increase productivity.

2. YouTube Video: For those who love to watch more than read, there are informative videos of Dr. Vivek Bindra on diverse business topics. All videos are focusing on one burning problem at a time and are categorized into different business problems for in-depth knowledge.

Premium Content

Premium content lets users venture into the world where they get access to the world's most affordable learning program for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Students- Everything About Entrepreneurship. Intending to deliver practical knowledge the premium content on Bada Business App helps entrepreneurs grow businesses, and for students, it gives opportunity to grow in their careers as individuals.

Key Features of Bada Business App

  • 300 premium, exclusive content only for you.
  • 300 reading material for easy implementation.
  • Live Q&A session on the app once every month for 24 months.
  • 300 MCQs based assessment sheets to track your daily progress.
  • 25 strategy frameworks for popular & most successful Leadership funnel.
  • 5 days of live training from Asia’s no. business Trainer, Dr. Vivek Bindra.
  • 50+ Problem-Solving Courses consisting of 15-20 videos focused on business areas for in-depth knowledge.
  • Find solutions to all your business-related problems from HR, Marketing, Sales, IT, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Execution, Branding, Positioning, Pricing, Legal, Manufacturing, Retail, Advertising, Leadership, Technology, etc.
  • Opportunity to learn from the most successful business leaders and billionaire entrepreneurs from India's top corporate and startups.

This new age of business has given us the answers to all our problems, and if you look around, you’ll find tools meant for rising stars just like yourself – apps and services that let you manage many aspects of your business with the minimum investment of time and money, leaving you free to focus on the larger picture. So join the Bada Business App now!

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