What is the most essential aspect of a successful startup business? To stand out so that your potential customers choose you over your competitors on every single purchase. And just like most of the things in this world, there is a right way and a wrong way to do that. But unfortunately, most entrepreneurs approach this crucial factor in the wrong way.

Approach it the right way and it will result in a shorter sales cycle, lower marketing costs, and dominance in your niche market. Do it the wrong way and it will result in the opposite.

Being an entrepreneur you would like to avoid the latter.

But then how should you stand out from your competitors when the startup ecosystem is getting saturated? Are there any online business courses for entrepreneurs from where you can learn them?

Keep reading this article and we promise that by the time you reach the end, you will know exactly how to position your brand as a clear choice- both logically and emotionally:

1. Be Different & Unique

No matter how unique was your startup business idea was according to you, there is a possibility that either someone already has or will come up with the same business idea. And contrary to the popular belief, the world will not beat you down your door throwing money for your product or a service just because you have come up with such a great business idea.

A product or a service that is better than your competitors is great. But a consumer wants something different and unique. That’s because the human brain wants to change and that’s how it works. Things that are similar blend into obscurity, while the things that are different, stand out.

Take Apple computers for instance. An Apple computer is not any better than PCs, despite the popular belief of the loyal customers. They are priced higher with comparable specs with a different operating system that does not even let its user run any software.

They are not better, they are just different.

So while it is essential to provide products or services which are better than what your competitors offer, it is vital to be more different and unique to get a massive advantage over your competitors.

2. Build Multichannel Presence

“Out of Sight, Out of Mind”- this adage is truly applicable in today`s marketing world. Have you ever followed up with your customers only to find out that they bought from one of your competitors instead of you? This is because once you are out of sight, you are out of mind. And your competitors did a better job of staying in front of potential customers.

When your customer was making a buying decision, your competitors made the most of it by staying in front of them. And all it takes is--Effective Marketing. While some brands do it well, others do not.

An effective marketing strategy requires you to be present in more than one place to capture the attention of your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Email Marketing, Google, SEO, phone calls, Video Marketing, Blogging, and the list goes on. You just have to be careful to not take more than you can effectively handle.

The proper approach is to add one new channel at a time and work strategically to achieve significant traffic there before adding another. You can also take an online business course that includes marketing to learn important tools to boost your business.

3. Testimonials of Happy Customers & Clients

No matter how much a company claims its products to be the best, consumers will dismiss a company`s claims unless they can be proven. This is where your customers and clients come into the equation. You should incorporate them as part of your marketing strategy because they provide social evidence and back up your statements.

Other potential buyers who are willing to purchase your products or services but hesitating due to unfamiliarity with the brand will trust other customers` words. A great testimonial can explain why a customer chose you over your competitors and why should others do it too.

Getting a testimonial from customers is a simple formula that covers both the logical and emotional components of a buying decision.

Coming up with a better startup business idea is not sufficient; you should be able to stand out from the competitors too. By implementing the above three tips you can effectively make your small business stand out from your competitors.

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