In a world that is constantly evolving, young people in India need the right mix of skills to excel in their careers. With the world becoming more data-centric, access to information is also increasing. Academic skills remain important, but they are not sufficient for Indian youth to foster a career that is productive and as appealing as they want it to be.

Whether it is a metropolitan city or a small town in India, young people across the country need to develop a greater breadth of skills to either get their dream jobs or to become successful entrepreneurs.

Skills like efficient teamwork, communication, flexibility, and critical thinking are essential, but rapid advances in technology will need more than that. According to a Mckinsey report, an estimated 83 million jobs around the globe will go unfilled due to a lack of skills in the coming years.

Any individual who wants to aspire to either become his or her boss or want to join his dream company, the best time to level up your professional career right now! Whether you are looking for a change or not, upskilling yourself now is better than scrambling to upskill yourself when you are urgently looking for a job change.

And lucky for you, it is easier now to upgrade your knowledge reservoir with online business courses for entrepreneurs and employees. The diversity, quantity, and quality of courses for entrepreneurs, employees, and students are growing rapidly.

Almost everyone in the business world is already making the most of these online courses to help their employees build skills. So why not start your learning now?

Here are three great areas that offer great opportunities for skilled youth to boost their professional profile:

1. IT & Cybersecurity

The IT sector has always offered excellent opportunities to the Indian youth. With so many IT giants like TCS, Infosys, HCL, and Wipro always on the lookout for new talent, it makes sense to go deeper in this sector.

Also, with the work-from-home scenario, remote work has thrown some new technological challenges. The ever-changing digital landscape has kept IT and tech skills most favorable in 2021 and more upcoming years.

Another significant challenge that the pandemic has thrown was the increasing speed of cyber-attacks and robust security threats. Throughout the pandemic, there was around an 83% increase in phishing attacks and 62% more cases of malware.  Hence, in response to this many companies are making the hiring of cyber-security professionals their foremost priority. Hence, it will be highly valuable for youth to take business courses in India.

2. Video & Audio Production

We are living in a digital age! From studies and classes conducted online to selling and marketing on social media platforms, you must have noticed the rise of digital media.  Also with so many features such as reels, TikTok, and Facebook the demand to produce compelling video and audio is a set of skills that is highly in demand.

Thanks to these popular social media channels, the demand for video marketing content is way up. Today, a popular social media channel is like an ocean of potential customers. And, these customers love to see video content from the companies and brands they love. Hence, to retain and attract more customers, it has become essential for brands to prioritize video production in-house.

Also, if you are an entrepreneur and want to build an online presence for your business, it becomes even more important for you to get hands-on experience on this skill. There are many online courses for entrepreneurs through which you can upskill your video and audio production skills.

3. Data Analysis & Statistics

Data is the next precious commodity in the world! Data is the ultimate game across many industries today and in many upcoming years.

If you are still thinking about how data is driving business choices, consider NETFLIX. Netflix has developed sophisticated data modeling which is based on consumer`s watching patterns. They have used this pattern to drive content purchasing to fit consumer tastes. Netflix with its data-driven approach was able to raise its value by $50 billion in 2020.

Data Analytics has become a top priority in marketing and advertising companies too. These days, data is where it all begins, and your ability to collect and interpret data can act as a major boost not just in your resume, but also in your business.

Combined with creativity, the three areas mentioned above can help you climb the ladder of success. If you are interested in starting your startup, you can take online business courses for entrepreneurs to upskill themselves.

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