A kirana store is the backbone of the Indian grocery market and has proved extremely beneficial during the pandemic. A kirana store is like a departmental store that caters to the need of the daily essentials of people. A kirana store is mostly present in every corner of the street.

During a pandemic when almost every business was struggling for its survival, kirana stores saved the day by maintaining a near-steady supply of daily essentials. Not only it has displayed the significance of these stores across the country, but also encouraged the trust of customers to post the lockdown period.

According to The Hindu, there are around 12 million neighborhood kirana stores that dominate the domestic grocery retailing landscape of India with a 90% market share. During the pandemic, they have emerged as heroes, with people depending on them to procure daily essentials.

Kirana stores will remain evergreen as most of the people in India still rely on their local grocery stores for essential needs.

So, if you are planning to open a Kirana store, or already have one, 2021 can open a store of opportunities for you. Here is a list of 5 business mantras for the Kirana shop owners that will help to increase profits:

  1. Go Digital, Go Online

Though the lockdown restrictions are lifted, people are still unsure about going on. Almost everyone prefers digital transactions as they do not want to expose themselves to the virus. Today, when everything is available online, taking your kirana store online can be profitable.

The online Kirana store is not a new concept. Many kirana store owners have started selling their products online. Taking their kirana store online provides a wide exposure and helps to boost sales as it allows customers to place orders remotely.

  1. Operate on Weekends

Most of the kirana stores remain closed on weekends. This is a perfect opportunity for you to attract customers and improve your sales. While other shopkeepers would be busy sleeping or enjoying their weekends, you can boost your sales.

  1. Design a Website

To gain more customers, you can also list your Kirana store on various online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart. You can easily register your store online, and if anyone purchases a product, you can parcel the same to them.

Apart from listing yourself with giant sellers like Amazon, you can also create a website online. This will give your regular customers the convenience of ordering from the comfort of your home.

  1. Improve Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the key to higher sales. And, building a relationship with customers ensures that they do not go to your market competitors. Talk to your customers nicely, and give them a unique experience so that they come to only your shop. You can also offer discounts on various products, as it is the best way to attract customers.

Understanding your customers is important in any business. If you are the owner of a kirana store the above-mentioned tips will help you to boost sales. You can also upgrade your kirana store into a departmental store with zero to low investment with our Everything about Entrepreneurship course.

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