For any young and aspiring entrepreneur or solopreneur, establishing the right practices and healthy habits is very important. It can help you to set on a path toward career success.  All too often, many young guns approach success as an overnight miracle.

But truth be told, it is a grueling mountain climb to the summit. We all might want it to happen all at once, after all a winning moment is far more appealing and exciting than inching steps towards building it.

Even the best motivational speakers in India will you that success is what happens over time as the result of patience, focus, determination, and lack of harmful habits.

Few habits might appear simple and harmless, but in reality, they might be hindering your entrepreneurial journey rather than helping it. Many entrepreneurs might not even see them as significant hurdles in the journey of success.

But, the longer you maintain these bad habits; you might likely delay your encounter with success. So what are these habits that are harming your long-time success? Here is a list:

1. Being Overly Curious

Many people might drop their jaw in disbelief after reading the above subheading because entrepreneurs have to be curious to come out with innovative startup business ideas, right? But, sometimes their curiosity can lead to endlessly searching for a business idea that is unique or can become the next big thing. This distracts them from building the business at hand.

Be curious about legal, sales, accounting, marketing, and alliances as these can help you grow your business. But never lose focus because one bird is better than two in the bushes.

2. Overthinking

If you have ever attended a seminar by any famous leadership speaker in India, you must be well aware of one thing that all of them say unanimously- ‘part of being an entrepreneur is making a hard decision’. No, if we thought about something more than it required, we would never like to make a move.

Overthinking can be one of the reasons why most of the capable people with a great startup business idea are still doing a 9-to-5 desk job. Thinking about the pros and cons is a natural process, but some people might overdo it and will keep saying “what if”. The best way to make rational decisions is to think about them and move forward. Sometimes a decision will work, and sometimes it will not, and that is just a part of it. Hence, think about a situation, its consequences, analyze it, and make a move. You can also watch video on “Covid Proof & Recession Proof Business Ideas” here:

3. Seek Perfection in Everything

Many people brag about being a perfectionist in every aspect of their lives. But very few people know that striving for perfection in everything is a major form of resistance. And, it could be one of the major reasons that can hold an entrepreneur back. Seeking perfection is a covert form of procrastination.

When you seek perfection, you subconsciously are trying for something that does not exist. Try to do your best, but always remember that any product, business, and service will always be a work-in-progress. Learning and improvements have no expiry dates. Whatever, you decide to do, do it with a focused mind. Avoid demanding perfection because it will gobble up all your time and put your goals on hold for a prolonged period.

4. Not Asking for Help

Most often people say that your experiences make you wiser. But in the business world, what makes you wiser is to learn from other`s mistakes and ask for help when stuck. Not asking for help can play a giant roadblock in an entrepreneur`s success.

Learning by the trial-and-error method can be great, but it is a long process and can delay your business growth by many years. With the help of a business motivational coach or a mentor, your initial days can be a lot easier.

You can hire a professional business motivational speaker in India and with his expertise, you can take your startup business in the right direction.

5. Switching From Idea to Idea

Switching between different ideas and strategies constantly means you are not sure about your business goal. You are so keen to bring results that you are not pursuing any single approach long enough to see results.

Building a startup means taking decisions and experimenting with distinct strategies that will bring the best results. However, developing the patience to wait for the results is also necessary. There will be times when most thoughtful decisions will not work in your favor, or a powerful strategy will fail. But instead of following the next marketing or leadership trend, try one idea and then follow through with it for some time to see the results.

You can take help from the best business motivational speaker in India to build more strategies for your startup. However, the above-mentioned habits can delay your success. Hence, overcoming them is important.

With due course of time, you will begin to take setbacks less personally and understand them as part of the long road to success. Because success is not the destination, but the road itself! To navigate in the waters of business challenges, you can take our online business training course.