With 70% of the Indian population residing in tier II, tier III cities and small towns, small business ideas in these regions are the need of the hour. This also offers multiple opportunities for new-age entrepreneurs. The government is also promoting the idea of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, which encourages the young guns of India to take a risk and become assertive in their approach.

Most of the businesses in these areas are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Thus, it gives lots of opportunities to start new businesses in these areas.

‘Success may come to the first movers, but success stays with the fast movers’, says Dr. Vivek Bindra- the best business coach in India. So if starting your own business is your absolute dream, here is a list of small business ideas that you can explore in the small town:

For young entrepreneurs who are passionate about making their mark, here is a list of low-cost business ideas:

1. Retail Stores

If you will look closely, you will notice that many popular brands are making their way to the rural areas of India. While the market in the big cities has reached its saturation point, in small towns it is still at a development stage. Though the majority of the population is residing in rural India, there is a lack of retail outlets that are well-planned and cater to the different needs of the customers. One such option is to open a Kirana store. A very feasible option, Kirana stores are never out of demand.

2. Flour Mill

Opening a flour mill is another low-investment business idea that can be started with minimum investment. A flour mill can be beneficial in a small town as there is an adequate supply of the raw materials like grains, cereals, oats, barley, sorghum, and spices like turmeric, and chilli etc.

Once your business begins to flourish, you can also supply the products to nearby cities and towns at a good profit. It is a good business opportunity and requires limited money. It also requires a good electrical connection to start and run the business. To expand your business operations, you can watch great informative videos by Dr. Vivek Bindra- the best business motivational speaker in India.

3. Become a Translator

Love learning new languages? Then becoming a translator is an excellent business idea for young and aspiring entrepreneurs in India. Various companies in the country are looking to expand their reach globally. They are willing to pay people who can speak foreign languages like Japanese, Chinese, German and Spanish.

So if you are interested in learning a foreign language, you can make good money from this by offering your translation services to individuals as well as companies.

4. Fitness Guru

Today, people are becoming health conscious more than ever. Thanks to our unhealthy lifestyle and hectic work schedules, more and more millennials are turning towards fitness trainers for good health.

If you are crazy about physical fitness, you too can become a fitness trainer. There are many certification courses available as well. You can set-up a gym and become a qualified fitness guru.

5. Online Tutor

With BYJU`s joining the Unicorn Club in 2020, online education has become a popular thing. If you have proficient knowledge about a certain subject, why not use it constructively? Due to the pandemic, many students are looking for a subject matter expert to help them in their studies. Becoming an online tutor is an excellent business idea that is profitable and involves no risk. Your subject knowledge can help you earn handsome money.

If 9 to 5 desk jobs do not excite you, fuel your entrepreneurial skills with any business idea that has good prospects. Keep your target audience in mind and research well before making any decision. However, with proper guidance and expert knowledge, you can reach your goal quickly.

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