The festive season means holiday time. It's that time of the year when families, friends, and relatives come together to spend joyous moments. This auspicious time means a good reason to shop and enjoy the time of the year. All thanks to COVID-19, things will be a lot different.

COVID -19 has already taken seven months of the year and might take over our festive season too. To fight this, retailers, e-commerce, and different brands are trying to gear up in advance. Our country, which is a land of diverse cultures, has plenty of scope in playing with themes in each festival.

Therefore, it's now time to create your plan and start building festive marketing ideas to please your customer.

Make Customer Experience Delightful

The festive season stands for a joyful time of year, and in a year like 2020, everyone needs a dose of happiness. The brands, easing out customer stress by providing a great experience. You can accomplish by giving great offers and deals.

Hence, plan your strategy around customers' benefits and experience. Thus, when you create a piece of content for the festive season, ask yourself how it will benefit and help your customer.

Express Gratitude Towards Customer

Every festive season your customers have n number of options to browse. An excellent strategy includes maintaining a customer-dedicated and loyal towards your brand by focusing on gratitude.

Being on top-of-mind of your customer, you need to show them how valuable they are for your brand. Thus, try to showcase gratitude to them by sending a thank you email or physical card that can drive them towards your brand.

Free Rewards

We all love gifts while buying for our loved one, while we still get drawn into the idea of buying something for ourselves. That's why giving free rewards on the purchase is such compelling in the festal season.

By this strategy, one can invite your customer to buy your product and come again to your brand to gain more rewards. These rewards can be in the shape of gifts or make free shipping. Highlight your deals and free promotions in the festal season.

Reach Back to Your Customer

Its fact that all the customer comes to your website, but they leave the website without making any purchase. With a Remarketing ad campaign and retargeting through email marketing, you can reach them. If the user provides you with their email, this will remind the reader that their cart still has an item in it.

In Remarketing ad campaign focuses on the customer who visited your site. So, make sure you give proper attention to your website stability.

Look for Touching Shopper Emotions

The festive season brings a mix of emotions, from excitement to nostalgia. A great marketing strategy makes sure to touch these emotions to bring customers near to your brand.

Therefore, make sure you have this factor include in your marketing plan.

With some planning and using good research, you can develop a great festive marketing strategy to touch your customer and your seasonal sale upward. By offering a personalized touch in your marketing plan, you can make your brand stand out in this festive season