The drop shipping business is all the rage today in India. The number of drop shipping businesses is increasing with each passing day in India. And courtesy of its raising popularity, starting a dropshipping business in India is proving to be extremely profitable too.

Starting a drop-shipping business is a brilliant low investment startup planSo, whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to work upon this brilliant idea or someone who has got everything planned there is one thing you should know- how to choose vendors?

As drop-shippers do not believe in marketing themselves, finding the right dropship suppliers can be a difficult task to do. If you are an entrepreneur with an e-Commerce business finding an ideal vendor might take a while.

Here are few steps that will help every entrepreneur and small business owner to identify the right vendor for their business:

1. Research

Research is that one thing without which no startup business ideas can thrive. So once you have decided upon the range of your products that you would like to sell, start researching the drop-shipping suppliers in the market. Make a list of your requirements and then see who fits the bill.

You might also have to choose between the local and overseas supplier, in case you are not just catering to customers in the country, but also outside India. While selecting a vendor, dive deep into raw material sourcing, delivery times, and service potential.

2. Contact Suppliers

The next step that comes after finding the ideal vendor is to contact them. Talking to them gives you a chance to resolve all your queries by asking questions. They may even provide you with their customers` feedback. Also, if you maintain good relation with your vendor from the start, it will help you to build trust and credibility. This will also provide more room to get disputes resolved more quickly.

3. How Upgrade the Supplier is with Technology?

Though many drop-shipping suppliers generally have outdated websites, an ideal drop-shipping vendor invests in technology to stay updated with the latest trend. It helps him to streamline client operations and increases his value in the market. Features like searchable order history, customizable data feeds, and a detailed product catalog make things convenient for online merchants.

Some vendors might also give you the facility to place your order online via mail. Though it might sound like a small benefit, it is a boon for luxury store owners. All you have to do is to mail him and your order is placed. Hassle-free!

4. Test Services by Placing Order Samples

Once you have shortlisted 2-3 drop-shipping vendors, order a few samples from them to see the quality of their services. From service, packaging, delivery times, and other supplier-related questions that you might have, ordering a sample will give you an idea and help you selecting suppliers. It also gives you first-hand experience of how your customer will experience your store.

5. Order From your Competition

If your competition is also using the same drop-shipping vendor, you can order from your competition and find out how your vendor packages their products. You can also check if they are providing your competition any custom labeling services. This will give you the much-needed insight into how your competitors are providing their customers a ‘WOW Experience’.

While selecting the right drop-shipping vendor, many will look great when you look at their reviews and the products that they offer. But once you take one step down, you might realize that they may not suit your audience because of the raw materials that they use or the way they do their business, or how they handle returns.

Hence, always talk to your vendors and get to know them like the back of your hand before you commit to doing business with them. The tips that we have mentioned above will certainly help you to choose the right dropshipping vendor for your business.

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