“Out of sight is out of mind”, this holds especially in the business world. Being memorable is crucial for every entrepreneur. It is essential for every brand. If a customer does not remember your brand, he or she will purchase from your competitor. On the other hand, if investors will not remember you, they will not fund your project and you will have a hard time finding an investor for your startup, no matter how brilliant a startup business idea you have.

Most entrepreneurs often find it challenging to create a brand recall value for their products or services. Making your customers recall your brand at the time of making a purchase decision can take your business revenue- sky high!

So many entrepreneurs who attend seminars and webinars of the business motivational speaker, Dr. Vivek Bindra often ask them how to make them memorable enough. They often share their experiences in which they remember meeting a certain investor, but they have no idea that they connected before.

“Brand recall value is critical to any business”, says Dr. Vivek Bindra. “And to make your customers memorize your brand name does not need much. It is a very simple mechanism that is implemented by many popular brands that take their marketing strategy to an all-new level.”

So what are some of the simple, yet powerful strategies to ensure you are making a strong and lasting impression? Let`s get started:

1. Identify a Common Factor

What is the first thing that can get someone to like you instantly? According to eminent psychologist Robert Cialdini, “the fastest way to get someone to like you is to find a commonality you share with them.”

Customers will trust you and relate to you only if they share a special bond with you. So whether it is the common hometown, or the same school, similar color, or favorite business motivational speaker in India, if you share similar interests with them, they will like you, trust you, and will remember you.

2. Pique their Interest

Most often when someone asks, “What do you do”, we kill the conversations in the first 10 seconds. Instead of replying with the usual boring answer, find a creative way to explain your profession that will pique their curiosity. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a startup business idea, looking for an investor or small business owner who wants to build a strong network, make your customers or clients want to know more.

Instead of introducing yourself as, “I own a business”, say instead “I help companies become more famous” or “I am launching a business that will enable you to connect with potential customers.”

3. Develop a Signature Style

Until and unless you don`t emanate a style that is unique to you, it is tough for other people to remember you, especially if they are meeting hundreds of other people at the same time. Along with your excellent communication skills and presentation style, sometimes your wardrobe can help you stand out too. If you have a certain accessory or style, you may consciously make it a part of your style and personality. For instance, Steve Jobs` black turtlenecks helped him to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

4. Ask Right Questions, Plenty of them

People love to talk about themselves, and they are likely to remember someone who shows genuine interest in them, who is more thoughtful, and asks the right questions. Someone who asks interesting questions makes them feel more appreciated and important rather than someone who simply rattles about their accomplishments.

5. Stay Connected & Follow up

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job! If despite socializing well with others, if they don’t remember your chances are that you might be not giving them enough opportunities. It is hard to remember anyone whom you have met just once. Hence, if you want to stay connected with a potential client, customer, or investor, make a point of finding a way to continue the conversation.

Perhaps, you can contact them to discuss your startup business idea or simply send them an article related to that. Get their contact information, follow them on LinkedIn and congratulate them if they have achieved something, recently.

Making a strong impression is critical to any startup business. So follow the above tips and let us know if they worked like a charm for you on your next meeting. To know more about how to pitch correctly to your investors, you can take our “Entrepreneurship Course”.