The pandemic has led to digital boost. Many businesses have turned online to sustain in the market. Nowadays, startups live and die by the clicks they get. If the website is not optimised for search, potential customers won't find you, which will affect your business. But Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving. If you are not keeping up with new rules and strategies, then you might not sustain in the online market. If you are not in a position to hire an SEO expert, then here are some tips to boost your ranking.

Invest in rich and helpful content

If you are in the online business, you must be knowing the importance of good content. When users do a web search, they are looking for someone to solve their problem- if your website does not do that then you risk losing them right away.

One way to stop users on your site is by using videos. Pages with video retain visitors longer than those without. When they click an interesting video and watch it for a minute or long then Google thinks that users are satisfied with your content. As a result, your website ranks higher.

Realise that SEO is more just than keywords

While SEO focuses on keywords and site traffic, but its more than that. SEO is about sharing high-quality content and standing out among competitors. To implement a good SEO strategy, start with your content. The site's content should be easy to read and it should answer the questions what your audience is looking for. Also, the site should offer customer support which will encourage visitors to linger.

Aim for the sweet spot

Some SEO strategies offer short term growth. Others play the long game, building huge amounts of backlinks. The sweet spot is high search volume, low competition and low keyword difficulty. Short-tail keywords like "racing games" will have higher volume and enormous competition.

Long-tail keywords like "best racing games to play in 2021" will have less volume and less competition. You should go for one like "coolest racing games," which has less competition but more search volume. No only good strategy will result in higher SEO performance, but you will enjoy more visibility and sales, too.