We are living in an automation age in which robots and computers are performing a wide range of routine physical work activities better and more cheaply than humans. Not only physical work, but activities that include cognitive capabilities are also included.

From making tactic judgments, managing inventory, sensing emotions, or even driving, automation is playing a major role in the workplace. For any business small or big, it is imperative to make the most out of the available resources- especially in a world where technology is used to resolve some of the most complex problems.

According to a report by Mckinsey,’ the process of business automation could raise productivity growth globally by 0.8 to 1.4 percent annually’.

The automation of activities can enable productivity growth and plenty of other benefits at both the level of individual processes and businesses. The independent workers and gig workers can increase their productivity and their incomes by spending time on result-oriented tasks.

The Banglore-based successful start-up Superpro.ai recognized the opportunity to help working professionals save time and money by automating the time-consuming tasks. This Indian startup, founded in August 2019 by Gaurav and his co-founders Vijay Goel, Vivek Kumar, and Sagar Ramteke, earns over Rs 5 lakh, annually.

From collecting payments to scheduling consultations, sending follow-up email reminders to generating invoices, and sorting data, Superpro.ai helps in the automation of simple yet tedious tasks by using artificial intelligence.

According to Gaurav Tripathi, Co-founder, and CEO of Superpro.ai, “the Eureka moment happened during the first week of lockdown when one of our Super Professionals Arka Mukhopadhyay contacted us for support. He asked us whether we could help him receive online payments and schedule a Zoom session. We gladly agreed to help him”.

“We received similar requests that were referred by Arka. That`s when we realized that we could build tools that could make the life of independent professionals simpler. Thereafter, we marched ahead with the motto ‘Focus on what you do best, and let us take care of the rest”, he added.

Superpro.ai is trying to reduce the gap between people and making work-related mundane activities easier by enabling tools to serve people. This successful startup in India is focusing on engaging the existing communities and networks of independent professionals by increasing their billable hours.

They also offer analytical tools to professionals to provide them insights on how to improve their performance, maximize their productivity, and grow their business faster. Earlier, it was only available to the big hotshot companies, but now we are making it available for all the independent professionals.

We believe that independent professionals are the actual drivers of any economy’s growth. We see it as a great opportunity to create the perfect tools that save time, money, and effort by helping these professionals turn into “Super Professionals” by using AI”, Gaurav added further.

In addition to backend and analytics, Superpro.ai also allows ‘Solopreneurs’ to create their professional page. Starting with a video message that a user shoots and uploads, it gives them a chance to highlight their expertise and services.

Solopreneurs can also use this platform to offer video-based services like webinars, consultations, live courses, coaching, and training, among others. It also opens a door for businesses who want to get in touch with professionals listed on Superpro, without disclosing their details such as contact numbers and e-mail ids.

Superpro.ai, which has been incubated by SOSV is currently looking to raise $500,000 over the next one month.

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