The world is living in the era of entrepreneurial development and start-ups. More and more people are drifting away from the ‘regular-income job’ mindset and exploring various fields to establish their own business and be their own bosses. The present entrepreneurial generation aims to start their own business and fulfill their dreams. They want to bridge the gap between their passion and profession. The biggest problem however remains the budget. Every person needs a certain amount of seed capital to establish the business and comply with the legal requirements. Prarambha: Everything you must know about the Startup India International Summit! 

Many people give up on the dreams of having a business of their own, owing to shortage of funds and capital. However, there are certain businesses that can be started with a pocket friendly budget. Here are 5 start-up ideas to establish business with Rs 10,000 –

Jewellery Making

There is a lot of demand of customised and artificial jewellery. Not only young generation, people from all the age groups look for fashionable jewelleries for celebratory and causal occasions. In does not require any official set-up or office space, basic raw materials like beads, strings, and artificial jewellery pieces among others to start the business. Such jewelleries can easily be sold at online stores, exhibition and haats. Agriculture Business: 5 Budget Friendly Businesses You Can Start in Agriculture Sector.


Vlogging is an extremely low-cost business which is highly popular these days. Many youngsters are taking up it professionally. They make videos and upload it on various video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, and earning money. People can make videos following their passion and expertise. It requires minimum investment in a good camera phone and video editing software.

Food Truck

Another interesting business for people who love travelling and cooking is to have a food truck. It works as a mobile restaurant too. The biggest investment in this business is to have a truck or any other accommodating vehicle. Once a truck is arranged, all that remains is grocery and hit the roads, make food, serve people and earn money while doing the thing you enjoy.

Yoga Trainer

More and more people are adopting and including Yoga in their fitness regime. If someone have an expertise in Yoga, by becoming an instructor of practise one can earn a good amount of money and ensure a regular stream of income. There is no need to any material investment; however the person should have a proper training and knowledge of the art. Many people are giving Yoga classes through online channels, making people fit and health, and earning money.


Another interesting and delicious business one can start with a minimum investment is homemade cakes and cookies. People are avoiding buying food items from large stores and restaurants and looking for homemade alternatives of the same. Starting a bakery does not need much of an investment; all it needs is regular kitchen supplies and a pinch of creativity.

Shortage of investment remains the biggest drawback for people who want to start their own business. However, there are certain low budgets businesses people can start with minimum costs. You are start small, work hard and make the business a success.