Are you looking for a perfect growth hack for your business?
Growth hacking
is a quick experiment for your business to identify the most efficient method for achieving growth. Hacking in terms suggests a clever way to produce higher growth result through shortcuts. An ideal business growth hacking aims is to increase the customers by keeping the investment low.Let take a look at some business growth hack that every small business owner should know:-1. Prioritize content marketing.
  • According to research, content marketing costs 62% less and generate 3 times more lead than any other traditional marketing.
  • Useful and engaging content can represent your business as an expert and can also help you building relationships with your customers.
  • Clean and to the point content with a call to action helps to monetize the traffic. This is the best small business growth hack.
  • Improve your SEOs and convert your visitors into your customers.
  • The high-volume and low-competition keyword of your blog/articles can attract more audience to your site.
2. Use Facebook and Google
  • Research says that the average customer makes nine visits to your site before purchasing anything, so you just need to retarget them.
  • Google and Facebook involve a pixel, you add to your website that enables you to show the target ads to your users who have previously visited your site.
  • Also, previous visitors to your site, who are browsing other sites too on the web, will see the ad of your business which encourages the visitors to come back to your site.
3. Show social proof
  • Most of the customers look for reviews before purchasing anything.
  • Let your customers know how many companies and people are using your product and services.
  • Display testimonials and comments from some of your satisfied customers on your website.
  • Customers buy from the company or place they trust, so the social proof is very important as a small business growth hack.
4. Use exit-intent coupons
  • Offering visitors a coupon is a great way to encourage people to make a purchase.
  • People love getting any coupons or deals, so not many will pass the opportunity.
  • Exit intent popup is a great way to grab your visitor’s attention when they are leaving your site.
  • Improve your bounce rate and boost your conversation with this amazing tool.
5. Use content upgrades
  • A content upgrade is a freebie within the post that relates to a blog post topic.
  • Providing content upgrade is a great way to grow your email list.
  • Content upgrade popup encourages your visitor to click the post in exchange for their email.
6. Use call to action on social media
  • With the help of a call to action, you can increase your likes, views, and shares on your social media handles.
  • You can also direct the customers to your website to sign up for your course or to join your mailing list to get regular updates.
  • Make sure that your call to action is clear and easy to understand.

7. Introduce a referral growth hack 

  • Users who refer a friend will get a freebie or the person who signs up from the link will get a discount coupon will get visitors at your website.
  • Create a perfect reward/referral campaign and offer giveaways to increase the numbers of the referral. 
8. Fear of missing out
  • Insecurity is the best tool to attract new customers.
  • Limited access to a service or product can trigger the emotion of missing out fear which can lead to having higher sales.
  • Fear of missing out strategy is all about offering the exclusive service or a product.
9. Launch a free model
  • Know your most effective distribution channel and how to deliver the content digitally.
  • One of the most effective strategies is to offer a basic service for free.
  • You can give your user a choice to apply for a premium membership to unlock the advance features; this was the biggest hack behind Spotify’s success. It was making money from cash subscriptions and ad revenues.
  • You can also offer early-bird discounts to your customers; this can be a very effective growth hack.

10. Ask for the feedback

  • There is no better way to figure out what is working and what’s not by asking the customers directly.
  • With the help of feedbacks, you can always improve your business, customer service or user experience which can boost your sales too.
  • Send regular mail and have a feedback popup on your website, who have purchased recently.
So these are a few amazing growth hacks that every small business should know. Instead of wasting your time in other ineffective marketing, these strategies are a smart way to scale up your business. A growth hacking strategy is not about just driving demand; it is about addressing the pain points and giving the customers what they want.