We all have heard about the old metaphor, “jack of all trades and master of none”. But the fallacy of this idiom does not fit in the modern world. In doing so, it may lead entrepreneurs to make costly mistakes in terms of money and time.

Not only will your business face some serious consequences because of the wrong hiring. But it is completely unrealistic to build a successful business without building people, especially in a startup. Companies that invest in their human capital achieve their business goals and promote a positive culture.

So whether you are a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, or a wantrepreneur if you want to create a professional and efficient culture in your company, here are three best HR practices that will guarantee a more productive culture in your organization:

1. Find the Right People

The hiring of the wrong candidate is detrimental to the startup business. Ensuring that the purpose of the position is met with the desired candidature of the job applicant is very important. Hence, along with the essential skill set and a positive mindset, it is also crucial to consider the cultural fitment of the candidate.

Hiring the right candidate with a positive approach can help to create a culture in the organization where everyone feels welcome and participate. Select people who are self-motivated, goal-oriented, talented, and driven by passion and also share your vision.

2. Build Employee Centric Policies

The employees should be empowered to mold their work environment within the defined boundaries. Create a set of policies that defines the boundary within which it is to be carried out staying in alignment with the values professed by the organization.

You can also create a policy. The Policy or the handbook forms the foundation of the agreement on service conditions with the hiring candidate. This needs to be signed during the acceptance of the offer and every time the offer is amended.

3. Develop a Performance-driven culture

When you invest in a financial scheme, you get returns! Similarly, when business owners invest in their employees, they, in turn, invest back in the business. Performance drives the success of any organization.

An agile and motivated workforce is every organization`s biggest strength. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an HR working in a large organization, it is necessary to ensure that your staff members are fully satisfied with their role in the organization.

Employees should have clarity about their current job role and growth opportunities as ambiguity can lead to non-performance. Encourage your employees to do self-evaluation. Try to nip the problems at the early stages.

One of the most standardized and common initiatives that entrepreneurs can implement is new employee orientation. An orientation program will inculcate a sense of commitment in the employees, and thereby encourage a sense of ownership.

If the business size is small, it is advised to have a systematic performance review. A quarterly performance check would make more sense in a start-up. If you want to scale up your business and promote its growth, be honest about the performance.

Creative ideas, proactive solutions, emerging trends, and innovation stems out of a fully engaged workforce and not otherwise. Looking for a bit of expert advice on how to build a high-performance workforce? Watch here :

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