The COVID 19 pandemic will be recorded in history as an event that has significantly and permanently changed the present and the future of the work, eternally.

Though the last year has been physically, mentally, and financially challenging, most of us have made it through it. The good news is that the long and agonizing year of 2020 has finally turned a new leaf!

The world is adopting the ‘new normal’ and most of its credit goes to the Human Resources department that led from the front to ensure an uninterrupted route to navigate through the unseen challenges.

According to a recent survey by Gartner in which around 800 HR leaders took part, building essential skills and competencies continues to top the list of priorities in 2021 for all the HR leaders. Organizational design and restructuring of the management are also among the key objectives.

The organizations in 2021 will look to give their strategies a competitive advantage by making the best use of learning gained through the last year.

So what are the HR trends that are expected to bring more sustainable operations to the organization? Let`s find out below:

Workforce Analytics Tools

As the organizations battling the realities of the slowdown in global and domestic demand, employee cost remains a huge area of concern. Hence, the organizations will need to deploy digital job evaluation where the gap between the job role and the compensation being paid can be optimized.

A Dynamic Approach to Building Critical Skills & Competencies

From growing business to improving operational excellence, building critical skills is considered extremely vital for HR leaders as it leads to business transformation. According to Gartner`s report, one-third or more HR leaders believe that lack of visibility and understanding of current skill gaps are one of the many other major challenges.

The total number of skills required for a single job is increasing by 10% every year, and 1/3rd of the skills present in an average 2017 job posting, might not work by 2021, according to Gartner TalentNeuran data.

Hence, a dynamic approach for future-forward skills development has become necessary as the traditional ways of upskilling the workforce are passé.

Adopt New Recruiting Tactics

As the working norms have been changed completely, HR leaders also need an innovative, modern, and out-of-the-box recruiting approach. Generally, organizations look to replace the roles and individuals in the workforce by seeking a similar candidature from the known talent pools as well as EVP (Employee Value Proposition).


However, to ensure quality hires, the focus should be on prioritizing skills rather than hiring profiles. Instead of tapping into the known talent pools, try to explore the total skills market too.

Organizational Design & Change Management

According to a Gartner survey, 46% of HR leaders have put the objective of organizational design as their top priority. Many organizations have realized during the pandemic that their focus on efficiency has left them with rigid workflow, structures, networks, and role design that are completely useless in today`s fast-changing conditions.

Rethinking the work design strategies can help employees to be more responsive towards the changes. It can also help to address the issues that lead to work friction. Thus, a shift from designing for efficiency to designing for flexibility is expected in 2021.

Current & Future Leadership

A Gartner research shows that only 44% of employees in an organization trust their leaders and managers to navigate through challenging times. This also contributes to the lack of confidence and trust in the current leadership. Therefore, strong leadership is essential during times of great change.

Employee loyalty will be the goal of 2021 that every good organization will try to achieve. However, there could be many more upcoming trends and challenges that might require one to adapt for business growth.

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