We must have come across multiple times the term ‘Entrepreneur’ in our daily lives. But are you familiar with the term ‘Intrapreneur’? If you think we have misspelled a word here, let us tell you that we certainly have not.

‘Entrepreneur’ is defined as a person who is a risk-taker, and comes up with his venture to sell his products at a certain price. Intrapreneur on the other hand works in an organization takes charge of new ideas and promotes innovation within the limit of the company guidelines.

‘Intrapreneur’ is a newly introduced term in today`s times, however, it was first introduced in the 1980s when a book was published by Management Consultants Gifford and Elizabeth Pinchot. If you are looking for a constructive way to build a motivated team in your organization, turn your employee into an Intrapreneur.


Here is a list of difference between an Employee and an Intrapreneur:

  1. Speed- First thing that makes these two professionals different is their speed of doing a task. A self-motivated Intrapreneur finishes his work at a rapid speed without compromising the quality of the work. But, an employee takes a considerable amount of time to finish the work.


  1. Approach- An Intrapreneur will always have a problem-solving approach. He will focus on finding a solution to a certain problem with his innovative ideas and critical thinking. However, an employee will always focus on problems and setbacks without making an effort to resolve them.


  1. Ownership- Where an employee considers only his relatives as his family; an Intrapreneur considers the entire organization as his own family. He not only takes ownership of his assigned work and but also tries to inculcate new ideas to experiment with his projects.


  1. Value- What makes an intrapreneur different from an employee is the way they create and add value to the company. An employee becomes a consumer by doing only their assigned tasks. An intrapreneur becomes a contributor by sharing his vision and bringing a new way to do existing projects to the table.


  1. Ideology- Another difference between employees and intrapreneurs is their ideology of working. An Intrapreneur is proactive and self-start, whereas an employee is reactive and needs a push-start.


  1. Availability- An intrapreneur is available round-the-clock, whereas an employee is available only for time-to-time. An employee works for 9 hours and leave, while an intrapreneur finishes his work, irrespective of the time it takes for him to finish it.


An Intrapreneur gets paid for the value he creates in an organization and promoting new business ideas and breakthroughs, while an employee gets paid for the tasks he performs in his official hours.


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