Contrary to the common notion, a human resource department is a crucial part of every organization. Many believe that the human resource department is a liability; however, the success of an organization depends on it. Hunting and recruiting the right candidates while keeping the current employees happy to maintain all the records is no easy task. And we surely respect them for carrying out all critical tasks so smoothly. However, there are some HR policies that not only do not make any sense but are also downright unethical.

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Here are nine of them that we think should have been removed from the HR policies long back:

1. Three Month-Notice Period

If you are working with a multinational company, you must be aware of this policy. A notice period of more than 30 days is considered to be unethical by employees who are willing to leave the organization for some reason. When companies hire a new candidate, they expect him or her to join immediately. Hence, they should not make their employees serve a notice period of three months.

2. 45 Days for the Full & Final

When an employee decides to leave an organization, he or she does not receive a month’s salary, thanks to an F&F of 45 days. The period of 45 days is completely unjustified as the process can be taken care of in less than 45 days. The forty-five days might still be okay, but when that duration increases and becomes 60 days then it becomes a problem. On top of that, no response from HR despite continuous emails and calls makes the entire experience even worse. If there’s a system that needs to be followed by every employee, it’s HR’s responsibility to ensure that that system is being followed.

3. Fixed Time for Coffee & Loo Breaks

Now there is a reason why the act of going to the washroom is called “Nature’s call”. It simply means that humans have no control over it and should address the call wherever and whenever it is required. The HR policy to put a tab on coffee and loo breaks should be termed illegal. An employee is a full-grown adult and it is extremely annoying to be told how many times they are allowed to use the washroom.

4. Unfavorable Leave Policy

Where some companies allow their employees to take a few days off, with the managers being understanding and accommodating towards their teammates, some companies treat their employees like criminals when they ask for a leave. Well, if an employee is entitled to have annual casual and sick leaves, they should also be allowed to utilize them. The unfavorable leave policy should be removed for a healthy work culture and work-life balance.

5. Working Weekends

Weekend…..what weekend? There is a thing called work-life balance, but sadly many organizations do not understand the concept of giving their employees a day off to enjoy family time. It is not surprising that millennials are frustrated and are suffering from depression and burnout due to workload. Asking your employees to work on weekends or anytime which is not their official working hours, without even compensating them for the same, is unethical.

6. Terminating an Employee For Being Late

If you have not been living under a rock, you must remember the incident when a man got fired for being 20 minutes late for the first time in 7 years. Yes, this is the injustice we are talking about. If companies expect their employees to work for late hours just to show their dedication, they should also expect that a person can be 20 minutes late. RIGHT?

7. Offering Less Salary to Prospective Employees

If you have ever received a call from the recruiter, you must be aware of how HRs talks when it comes to disclosing salary information. It is more of a practice than a policy, but either way, it is not conducive to a person’s growth. When you have a talented prospect that perfectly fits the bill and surpasses all your criteria and asks for a salary that comes under your budget bracket, then it doesn’t make sense to offer a lower salary without disclosing the budget.

8. Firing Someone for Moonlighting

What an employee does outside their working hours should not be a concern for any organization (except if they are indulged in criminal activities). A couple of weeks ago, Wipro terminated more than 300 employees because of moonlight. Moonlighting is a term used for employees who have taken on additional projects through freelancing. Of course, employees should not trade company secrets or policies with direct competitors. But other than that a company should mind its own business.

9. Making Employees Pay for Breach of Employment Bond

First of all, it is completely illegal to make anyone sign a bond. On top of that making, your employees pay for breaking the employment bond is completely unethical. No employer can ask employees to pay for breaking the employment bond if they haven’t incurred any expenses in the special training of an employee.

These HR policies do more harm than good to employees who are investing their 9-10 hours in the growth of an organization. We believe these policies should be removed, what do you feel? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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