• Do you want to bring transformation in your company?
  • Do you want to increase the productivity of your company?
  • How can you improve the performance of employees with the skill will matrix?

If you are a million-dollar company, you can become a billion-dollar company just by practicing the Skill Will Matrix. This matrix can bring a complete change in your company.
Skill Will Matrix depicts four kinds of people working in your organization. These are:
These are the people who have recently joined your organization.
they have a high will and low skill
.They do not know- what to do, why to do when to do, where to do and how to do. They want to do something great in the organization.
Star Performers
These are the people who hold important positions like department heads and senior and old people in the organization. They have high skill and low will.
They know what to do, why to do when to do, where to do and how to do. They do not want to do anything due to the long vintage in the organization.
These are the people who join an organization and start identifying the employees who have good authority in the organization and take shelter from these employees.
They neither have the skill nor will.
They do not focus on identifying what to do. They do not want to do anything in the organization.
They are the top people of the organization including CXO, CEO, and other senior people. Do they have high skill and high will.
They know everything and work very hard for the success of the organization.

Identifying Most Dangerous People for your Organization

Star performers are the most dangerous people for your organization. Why?
The reason is simple!
Star performers are the oldest people in the organization. They know what to do and how to do but they do not want to do.
Parasites take shelter under star performers and they also do not want to do any work.
As a result, a negative political nexus is formed in the organization.
When new employees go to the star performers to learn something, the departmental heads neither tell them nor encourage them due to some insecurity.
As a result, the enthusiasm and confidence get low. They stop taking initiatives in the organization.
What should Visionary do to change the Organization?
  • Start the evaporation and purification of star performers.
  • Start coaching and counseling of star performers.
  • Ask some of the star performers to leave the organization. This will destroy the negative political nexus build between the star performers and the parasites. Some parasites will also leave the organization and others will start moving towards visionaries.
  • Start training the monkeys or new employees. They have the will, if you give them skill, they will become the visionaries.
In Vedic scriptures as well, it is written:

tatra laulyam api ekalam mulyam Janma-koti-sukrtair na labhyate
The intense desire to perform something is the only one qualification needed by a man to actually grow and bounce back in tough times.
Start recognizing people with high skill will matrix and ownership taking ability, give them promotion and take them up and train them.