No one is born a great leader. With continuous dedication, discipline, and hard work they can cultivate skills that can make them impactful leaders. Successful leaders are the driving force behind their organizations. They have certain qualities that play a crucial role in the company`s growth. So, establishing yourself as an effective and powerful figure that is trusted and followed by others unquestionably, obviously involves preparation and a lot of hard work.

Many people think that a leader is born. But rest assured everything does not need to be innate, and becoming a leader is possible. So what are the qualities that you must cultivate to become a great leader? Here is a list:

1. A Great Communicator

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to communication. But, successful communication begins with transparency. But to keep lines open and clear across the business, we must be careful not just about putting our messages across, but also about the mediums, too.

While businesses around the globe are adapting to the change unleashed by the pandemic, great leaders are trying to find the right balance. Good leaders today have to make difficult decisions such as furloughs, and staff reductions.

2. Confidence

Confidence is the key that can make anyone extraordinary. A good leader does not hesitate to trust his subordinates. It is very important to let your employees know that you trust them without any doubt and that you believe in them and their skills. Dare to delegate tasks according to their capabilities and make them feel important and necessary for the sustainability of your business. If your team feels that they have your trust, their productivity will improve and so will their performance.

Many managers hide others in their shadows. They refuse to let others grow and this is one trait that distinguishes a true leader from mere managers. A powerful leader makes room for others and allows them to grow while focusing on teamwork. To develop leadership skills, you can attend ‘Leadership Funnel Program 2.0’--the most effective flagship program by Dr. Vivek Bindra.

3. Be a good Listener

Listening and hearing have a hairline difference between them. Hearing is passive, while listening is active-and the great leader is someone, who understands the difference between the two terms.

Real listening is essential for effective communication. Listening not only involves ears but many other aspects like body language, expressions, and gestures. What`s not said is just as important as what is said.

A great leader will take cues from all other aspects and help people in the organization who might lack the courage to speak up. We need leaders who listen and are intentional about their conversations. Want to become a strong leader? You can join Leadership Funnel Program 2.0 popularly known as LFP Bada Business to understand the nuances of leadership.

4. Have Clear Goals

Every great leader has clear goals and vision where he would like to see his company and himself after a few years. You must know where you are right now and where you want to reach and know-how to get there. Above all, don`t keep your strategy a secret. Share it with your peers and team members so that each member will feel what he or she is working on is important.

Establish a strong connection between the company and its employees by discussing objectives and action plans. Everyone can contribute if they are aware of how you have planned to conduct your business.

5. Make Better Decisions Without Wasting Time

Many leaders talk, but they do not execute and do. And it is doing that separates the real leaders from the rest. When your words match your actions, people learn to develop trust. It is more impactful when you take an action on what you are hearing from your employees. Leaders who act quickly and confidently often must make difficult decisions, and for that it takes grit.

As a leader, it is also important to remain positive even during challenging times. Lead by example so that your team members can trust you and follow you without a doubt. Even during difficult times, your passion for your work should not waver. These qualities can make you a successful leader. Work on these five qualities, but never forget that there is always a scope for improvement. You can also join our LFP Bada Business program to understand and learn how to become a successful leader.