Summary: They say leaders are born. But, we say that leaders are made provided the right guidance and expertise.

Being great seems like an easy job. Many people say that great leaders are born and too many it appears like a straightforward job because there are no hidden secrets in it. But, while many leaders think that great leadership consists of simple things, only a few implement them because the rest of the people forget about them for some reason.

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Here are a few tips that can help you to sharpen your leadership skills:

1. Be Kind, Be Human

Many leaders often forget that they are dealing with real human beings who have unique stories and backgrounds. Every unique individual has his or her share of struggles, challenges, and breakthroughs. For many managers and leaders from the top management, people at work are nothing more than man-hours who need to be managed and optimized.

Your team members always know what value they hold for you. And a man-hour will never help you to overcome situations. Hence, never forget that you are dealing with real humans and not bots.

2. Sharpen your Managerial Skills

Directing people is not something that comes naturally to any one of us. It is an art to co-work and co-exists happily at the same time. Fortunately, we have a lot of amazing programs like the Leadership Funnel Program that offers expert advice and guidance to help you become a powerful leader.

As a leader, you will need to defend the interests of your company but you will be able to do it only when you are aware of the theory of negotiations and understand the psyche of the person you are talking to.

Reading books can be another medium to become better at your managerial and leadership skills. You can begin by reading about psychology, the structure of thinking, negotiations, hiring people, project management, marketing, and economics too.

3. Have In-depth Knowledge

The best way to win authority is through your expertise. You need to understand the things that you manage, and this golden rule applies to every stage. For instance, to lead a creative team you must have a fair knowledge of typography, graphics, color coordination, and some of the most popular tools like Photoshop, coral draw, and Illustrator. This will help you to talk with the people in their language.

Without knowing the things you are managing you can`t do value addition. Without an understanding of what you manage, you will not be able to assess the risks, costs, and timing.

4. Admit Mistakes (Your Own & Others` too)

If something goes wrong, you should have the integrity to accept your mistake gracefully. If you will try to dodge the bullet, you will only be deceiving yourself and no one else. More than that, you will immediately lose your authority within the team.

Accepting your faults publicly can truly have a magical effect. This will give your team a clear understanding that it is okay to make mistakes and that making mistakes is normal. But, what is more, important is to learn from them so that they are not repeated shortly.

Once your team will understand it, they will be more open to experiments, and they become more courageous in their work, take responsibility, and more risks.

5. Protect Your People

To earn the respect of your team members, you have to be the shield that takes all the impact. No one in this world should have the right to influence your team past you. If someone wants to criticize your employees, let them do it to you and not directly to your team members.

One of the best things that will help you to become a great leader is, to be honest with your employees. Whether you are planning to give them a pay raise or thinking about closing down a particular product or the entire company, communicate with your employees honestly. Always remember that a transparent culture in an organization is always better.

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