Businesses, in the present scenario, are highly dependent on social media on promoting its product and services, and also ensuring wider reach. As a huge section of population is on various online networking sites, digital marketing has become an utmost important component on any firm's overall marketing and promotional strategy. It has become easier to interact with potential customers over the social media platforms. A business can effectively engage in one-to-one communication with people, understand their preferences and ensure quick response to their queries. It also helps a firm to receive immediate feedback from the customers about its product and service, thereby providing quick redressal to their grievances.4 Breach-Proof Ways to Protect your Company`s Sensitive Data against the Cyber-attack!

One such highly popular and used social media platform is Facebook. People from almost all the age groups use it on a regular basis. Promoting business on Facebook can increase the firm's reach mani-folds and build itself into an online brand. There are various strategies for small business to promote their business on the platform and earn customers. Here are some low cost and effective tips for promoting Small Business on Facebook :

Make a Facebook Page for Business:

The first step of promoting the small business on Facebook is by making its page on the platform. Firm should post all information of its product and services, including features, cost, description, usage among others on the page. It should also post attractive pictures of the offering on the Facebook page. Discounts, rebates and other sales promotion schemes offered by the business should be regularly updated on it. Businesses should try and make the page as attractive as possible. 5 Steps Companies should take to Improve Diversity at Workplace!

Post regularly on Facebook:

The age old saying on 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind' works equally well on the social media platforms as well. Businesses should regularly post about themselves, their product, services and offers on Facebook. It helps to create a place for the brand in the people's mind, who might convert into actual customers.

Use Multimedia Posts:

One should keep experimenting with the posts on social media. Firms should not stick only to text or images but also use different multimedia elements. There is a wide range of varieties to chose from. This includes audio, video, visuals, GIFs, text, infograms, interactive data tools, 3D pictures among others. It helps to attract attention of the customer to the product.

Engage with the Followers:

Most important thing on all the social media platforms, including is Facebook, is engagement with the followers and creating a presence. Firms should post interactive content including polls, contest, events, online interaction among others. They should also ask customers to review their products and services online. If a customers comments on the post, immediately give a positive reply to it. All these makes customers valued.

If the small business has a sound budget it can also go for Facebook Ads and paid promotions online. Facebook and other social media platforms provide a golden opportunity for businesses to promote its products and services and have a wider reach. Firms should totally cash on it.