Necessity is the mother of all inventions’. And today we will unravel the success story of one such purpose-driven brand- The Moms Co. The brand which has raised $8 million (Rs 58.4 crore at the current exchange rate) in its third round of funding is riding on a wave of success. The existing investors Saama Capital and DSG Consumer Partners led the Series B round of funding.

The Moms Co. is a wellness start-up that began in 2016. Based out of Delhi, The Moms Co came into existence when the husband-wife duo Malika and Mohit Sadani had their second daughter. The couple moved to Gurgaon from London after her delivery. Malik`s struggle to find a safe, natural, and toxin-free product for her baby in India led to the birth of The Moms Co.

In today`s time, hygiene is paramount! The topmost priority of new-age parents is to keep their babies safe from diseases. No couple would want their child to open his eyes in an unhygienic environment. Also, maintaining a sanitized environment is essential for the mental and physical wellness of the expecting mother.


“Finding a premium quality product for my daughter that was natural, safe, and toxin-free was so difficult that I had to rely on my friends traveling from abroad to India to get my stock. On discussing the ordeal with other mothers, I soon realized others like me were also facing similar challenges. It just struck to me that no brand in India was listening to us moms and trying to resolve our requirements,” explains founder & CEO Malika Sadani.

What finally triggered her to come up with her brand is when a friend of the couple traveling from the US couldn`t get the products they had ordered due to heavy snow in Boston. That`s when the couple finally decided to do thorough research and go deeper into the supply chain. They wanted to know if high-quality products can be made in India.

It was then that she decided to take her first step towards The Moms Co. Before setting her foot as an entrepreneur, Malika, who has done her graduation from the Welingkar Institute of Management, has worked as a banker with ICICI bank. Her husband Mohit is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus and worked with big hotshots like Mckinsey & e-commerce unicorn Snapdeal.

So what makes this brand special? Their excellent quality standards! The company`s products are developed by highly skilled experts across Australia, India & Switzerland. The ingredients used in their products are checked thoroughly against databases available around the globe.

The products then undergo stability tests to ensure that their quality and stability are intact across varied humidity and temperature conditions. Each product undergoes microbial tests to determine they are free from heavy metals, mineral oil, and microbial growth.

After going through a series of tests, the products are finally sent for dermatological evaluation to ensure they are free from any irritants. Their entire product range is certified toxin-free and deemed safe by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

At present, The Moms Co has a market size of Rs 10,000 Cr and growing exponentially at 20% annually. With most of the mothers spending time online on research and for their daily shopping needs, the brand is gradually shifting to online as well.

The Moms Co. is coming out with a wide range of products for hair, skin, pregnancy & baby care, and another 25 expected by the end of 2020. They are trying to evolve as a one-stop destination for pre-natal, post-natal, and baby care products.

Malika`s journey is an inspiration! Her motivational story can inspire people to achieve big by turning dreams into reality. But conceptualization of an idea can take more than just thorough research about the market. Know how can you expand your start-up and establish it as a brand. Visit to join