• Do you want to learn ways to how to control your mind?
  • Do you want to improve your performance?

The mind can take you anywhere you want. You can do great things by controlling your mind. So, how to control mind?

Don’t Control your Mind, Just Engage It!

If you have a clearly defined goal statement, and you engage your mind, your mind starts absorbing the knowledge, data, and information.

Because; Mind always needs an engagement, Mind does not stay in a vacuum.

Doctors are using the Placebo Effect to control your mind and help you grow.

Let’s take forward the discussion on how to control your mind with patterns of thinking.

Two Patterns of Thinking

To know how to control your mind, you need to understand the patterns of thinking.

We unconsciously learn a lot of habits. These habits form our thinking patterns.

There are two types of thinking patterns - Structured Pattern of Thinking and Accidental Pattern of Thinking.

Structured Pattern of Thinking

It helps you to get whatever you want in your life. It takes you where you want to be. In this pattern of thinking, people look for learning and edutainment.

Accidental Pattern of Thinking

It gets you what you don’t want in your life. It leads you where you don’t want to be. In this pattern of thinking, people always search for leisure and entertainment.

You are not leading your life; your patterns are leading your life.

Your unfulfilled desires and your past experiences have settled inside as patterns in your life.

How to Control Your Mind by changing Patterns of Thinking?

To know how to control mind, you need to change your thinking patterns.

Always remember, you continue with your same patterns until you create a new pattern to actually develop a pattern.

To put it another way,

You are programmed until you program a new program for yourself.

So, your psychological-neurological system is actually working with the programming that you have created.

This is called “Neurological programming” that you have developed for yourself. And, this programming is leading your life.

So, what you are looking for? Are you looking for leisure or learning?

This you need to decide to understand how to control mind.

Replace Entertainment with Edutainment

To know how to control mind, you need to replace entertainment with edutainment.

A man with a structured pattern of thinking will replace edutainment with entertainment. He will look for great learning.

Remember: “If you want to double the rate of your growth, just triple the rate of your learning.”

Iconic leadership is not about entertainment, it is about edutainment.

For making structured patterns, you just need to replace, reinforce, and reinstate your old patterns.

Meaning ABCDE model: A – Analyze | B- Brainstorm | C- Create | D- Deliver | E- Evaluate your old patterns.

According to Chapter 6, Verse 26 of Bhagavad Gita:

yato yato niscalati, manas cancalam asthiram,

tatas tato niyamyaitad atmany eva vasam nayet

It means, in an accidental pattern of thinking, your mind will go wherever it wants because it is unsettled and restless. But, you have to bring this unsettled mind under your control if you want to grow.

If you want a revolution, then you first require the evolution of your mindset. You need constant learning if you want iconic growth in your life.