• Are you suffering from negative emotions?
  • Are you deal with emotions effectively?

Emotions of a person have a significant effect on his personal and professional life.

If you know how to deal with negative emotions, you will grow very fast.

Let’s understand the best techniques to deal with emotions effectively in life.

Tip #1: Every Negative Incident contains Positive Intent!

To know how to deal with negative emotions, you need to understand the new philosophy.

According to the new philosophy, the complaint is a gift and negative emotion is also a gift. Every gift does not come in beautiful wrappers on your way.

Every negative emotion, negative incident, complaint, and even tragedy comes into your life as a gift. You need to find that hidden gift in these situations.

Once you instruct your mind that this is a gift for you, your mind starts identifying how it is good for you.

When you change the way to look at things, the things you look at they change!

Your performance depends on your emotions. You can either be a performer or a parasite in a company depending on the emotional level you are operating at.

When you are operating at negative emotions, you perform far below your potential. But, once you shift your level of negative emotions to positive emotions, you will have much more potential to explore and deal with emotions.

What message a negative incident or negative emotion is giving to you?

Try to identify it.

If your mindset is good, then your skillset will also be good.

Let us take the example of a tree to understand how to deal with negative emotions by empowering your mindset.

For Example:

The part of the tree below the ground is like the belief or mindset of a person while the part of the tree above the ground is like the behavior or the skill set of the person.

If the roots of a tree are deep and strong, then the upper part of the tree including stems and leaves will also grow well.

Similarly, if the belief or mindset of a person is strong, his skill set will be corrected automatically. So, it is important to influence the mindset of the person.

Therefore, you need to Re-develop | Re-orient | Re-think | Re-birth | Re-invent | Reform | Refresh | Re-wire your mindset.

Tip #2: Identify Three Positive Messages in Negative Emotions

To deal with emotions, you should identify three positive messages in negative emotions.

It is the second tip on how to deal with negative emotions.

Write down three positive messages that the negative incident is giving to you.

Imagine how powerful you will become once you find the greatness in your negative incident.

Once you start writing the three positive messages in the negative incident, you will start realizing the changes in your energy.

The main problem faced by people is that some of them are able to identify the positive message while others are not able to identify the message.

As fast as you identify the message, the faster you come out of the situation.

Tip #3: Motions in Physiology Impacts the Emotions of Psychology

It is one of the tips on how to deal with negative emotions.

This point means that your emotions will be corrected when you start working on your motion.

Once your physiology is correct, it will have an impact on your psychology.

It is important to rectify and improve both physiology (motion) and psychology (emotion) to get success.

Correct your emotion and perception first and then take action. This will help you to get success.

Physiology, motion, and action are the parts of physical transformation while psychology, emotion, and perception are the parts of mental transformation.

When physical and mental transformation comes together, they lead to success.

You cannot handle negative emotions while sitting in a room. You have to take opposite actions to handle these emotions.

Negative Emotion   +   Opposite Actions   =   Success

In our holy books, it is written:

हि सुप्तस्य सिंहस्य प्रविशन्ति मुखे मृगा:

It means that a deer will not enter the mouth of a sleeping lion on its own. The lion has to wake up and hunt the deer to catch it.

Every emotion has a message. You need to identify what message it is giving to you. Also, you need to determine how you will shift yourself during that time and how to deal with negative emotions.