• Do you know that you are being brainwashed?
  • Are you being carried away from your Goal Statement?
  • Do you want to know how to save yourself from negative brainwashing?
Today, there is a lot of negative brainwashing being done at different levels. Political, Social, Family, Peer brainwashing.
Advertising and media industry is using various mediums like advertisements, social media, print and electronic media spend a lot of money to brainwash the minds of people by creatively and intelligently capturing the minds of the people.
They use hidden commands to create space in our minds so that we unconsciously drive the conscious mind to take decisions.
How does Brainwashing work to Influence Your Behavior?
Buying behavior is not influenced logically; it is influenced emotionally.
So, brainwashers use your emotions to brainwash your mind. Most of the political brainwashers use this type of brainwashing.
For Example
In election campaigns, some incompetent political leaders brainwash people in the name of religion and caste to get votes. They even win the elections because they get emotionally connected with people.
’Brainwashers destroy your logical, rational thinking, problem-solving and critical thinking ability; so that you get emotionally driven and take decisions.’
  • Are you doing your negative brainwashing consciously? or,
  • Are you doing your negative brainwashing unconsciously under the effect of some external factors?
If you don’t have your personal goal statement, then you get driven by other’s goal statement and run behind them, because they can brainwash you easily.
Various people are washing your brain like your social circle, family, and peers. They wash your brain and destroy your dreams.
? Do not let the wrong person wash your brain.
? You should wash your brain yourself and consciously.
How Does Mind Works?
To know how to save yourself from negative brainwashing, you should first know how your mind actually works.
Your brain is divided into 3 parts:
Conscious mind, Sub-conscious mind, and Unconscious mind.
The subconscious mind and conscious mind gets data from our five senses ’ eyes, nose, ear, skin, and tongue.
When required, our conscious mind searches data from our sub-conscious mind and unconscious mind and take actions accordingly.
Sometimes, our conscious mind does not find relevant data. In such a scenario, sub-conscious and unconscious mind drives the conscious mind and the conscious mind becomes helpless.
So you need to protect your conscious mind by getting driven by the external environment outside your Goal Statement.

How Subconscious Mind Drive Your Decisions?

Our subconscious mind is always on a permanent recording mode. This means that it will capture each and everything it is exposed to.
The media is creating repeated messages so that it gets captured and stored in our subconscious mind. These stored messages compel you to extract data from the sub-conscious mind. This is how your decision gets influenced. Such messages may also lead to negative brainwashing. 
Types of Advertisements Used to Brainwash the Minds of People
Trinity Surrogate Advertisement

In this type of advertisement, a banned product is advertised using the same brand name but with a different product.

Covert Advertisement

In the covert advertisement, the advertisers repeat the subliminal images, again and again, to register the brand in your mind.

Puffery in Advertisement

Puffery is the exaggerating and bold statements made in the advertisements. These statements are:

? Subjective

? Lacks logic

? Cannot be measured

They seem to give big results and create a false sense of urgency and compulsion in the customer’s mind. They touch people emotionally.

For Example
Alcohol is a banned product. So, alcohol companies manufacture products like mineral water or soda bottle and give it the name of the alcohol brand. In this way, they register their brand name in the minds of the customers.
Brainwashing has become an essential thing. So, it is better to decide from where you should get brainwashed. If you do brainwashing consciously, then you will be in a better position.
Emotion is New Logic; Logic is no more a Logic
Rational is no longer a rational; Emotion has become the new rational
How to Save Yourself from Brainwashing?
Below are some of the methods that can help you to save yourself from negative brainwashing.
1. As per Chapter 2, Verse 70 of Bhagavad Gita:

?p?ryam??am achala-prati?h?ha?
samudram ?pa? pravi?hanti yadvat
tadvat k?m? ya? pravi?hanti sarve
sa ?h?ntim ?pnoti na k?ma-k?m?

It means rivers keep entering the ocean continuously since time immemorial but the ocean is stable and calm.

Similarly, wishes and thoughts continuously enter the sub-conscious mind of people but the conscious mind should consciously select the right option for it and take the correct action that helps it in achieving the goal statement.

? Do not live your life unconsciously.
? Take correct actions consciously.

It is one of the tips on how to save yourself from negative brainwashing. 

2. Select the useful content at the gate of your sense organs and reject the useless content.

3. Write your obsession goal statement or purpose statement for the next three months.

Adopt the RiSiMiS (Ri = Ritual; Si = Sixty; Mi = Minute; and S = Solitude - Ritual of Sixty Minute Solitude) formula. It means that takes out 60 minutes for yourself in a day and prepare Weekly RiSiMiS calendar for yourself (given in the table below).

It is another tip to how to save yourself from negative brainwashing.

By adopting the above-mentioned techniques you can certainly save yourself from negative brainwashing.