• How successful people become successful?
  • Do you know how to get successful?

Why only small proportions of people become successful?

Because according to a survey 95% of people are busy in proving themselves and only 5% are improving.

Proving is said to be the result score, and improving is said to be the effort score.

Proving is only the outcome; so, you should focus on improving.

Is there a Need to Change! Why?

Japan introduced a word


KAI means ’Change’ and ZEN means ’Good.’

So, KAIZEN means change for good.

It is the key to the competitive success of Japan in the World.

When America was busy gaining royalty for what they were doing, Japan was busy gaining loyalty. As a result, people say that American products are good but they buy Japanese products.

People who focus on royalty, neither gets loyalty nor get royalty.

People in Japan have implemented KAIZEN everywhere. They have used the ABCD model for the implementation of KAIZEN.

Meaning ABCD: A= Zero Accident | B=Zero breakdown | C= Zero Cost of wastage| D= Zero Defect

KAIZEN means continuous improvement starting from the manufacturing to all the business processes. They continuously improve all these processes and are reducing the defects. This is how successful people become successful.

The most notable feature of KAIZEN is that big results come from many small changes accumulated over a period of time.

Based on KAIZEN let’s discuss about a few crucial tips to be successful in life.

Ritualistic Continuous Improvement (RCI)

RCI is the surest way to almost zero defect life.


It means you have made it a ritual. You are going to do it everywhere you go, every time and in every circumstance.


It is not an activity, it is a process. You need to do it over and over again.


It will work on improvement.

So, if you are continuously improving yourself and make it your ritual, then you will NEVER FAIL.

how successful people become successful can be understood better with example as below:


Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli used to play together.  Vinod Kambli was a better player than Sachin during that time. But, one day, when a slower bouncer hit Vinod Kambli on his helmet, he quit playing.

On the other hand, Sachin was hit on his body many times but he stood up each time. He continuously worked on improving himself and today, he is called the God of Cricket.

Success Mantra: How fast are you creating your Success Rituals?

People are rewarded in public for what they are practicing in private. This is called Ritualistic Continuous Improvement (RCI).

It is the common reason of how successful people become successful or the failure of every person. Those people who are continuously improving themselves are successful and those who are not improving themselves continuously have faced failure.

GKI - Gap between your Knowledge and Implementation

Are you implementing the knowledge and the frameworks that you study or create?

Are you making your actionable or not? If you are not implementing your knowledge, then this is the GKI.

If you want to grow or become successful in life, start filling the gap between your knowledge and implementation.

I Know Better (IKB) Syndrome is a new disease that is surrounding many people around them. This is the biggest reason for their failure.