When it comes to a bright career, people believe that all it takes is academic learning. And to ensure that their child gets nothing less than the best, they spend ample time and money on their schooling and textbooks. However, there is one fact that they completely miss. Academic studies in schools impart knowledge to kids. But, many schools fail to prepare children for the real world. The worlds where they will have to face rejections, take difficult decisions, grow connections, and lead many projects.

This is why apart from academic learning, soft skills are also necessary if you want your kids to emerge as outstanding performers in every field. Soft skills learning not only help children in their holistic development but also encourage them to achieve their goals.

What are soft skills?

A combination of social skills, communication skills, personality traits, character, and many other interpersonal skills support us to navigate and perform well in our careers, happily co-exist with others and achieve our goals while functioning in society.

These are the skills that can`t be learned from books or through Pythagoras' theorem. Soft skills are learned through practice and interactive learning.

While various soft skills are learned, here are the top 3 essential skills that are essential for the growth of children:

1. Effective Communication

For most people communication only comprises talking, listening, and writing.  However, effective communication also includes transmission, expression, understanding, and interpretation of ideas, information, and knowledge.

As children grow they will have to learn how to perform their best in a team, how to work with their classmates, and how to communicate, share and present their ideas in front of others. From persuading others to handle various projects soft skills learning is of absolute importance throughout life.

As a parent, you can ensure that your child gets all the opportunities that can hone his or her skills and enhance their personality by encouraging them to share their thoughts and ideas confidently. Along with academic learning, help them take part in activities that sharpen their ability to use grammar and punctuation correctly.

2. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

With only textbooks and academic learning, kids can`t make it big in this world. Not only do they need to get a quality education, but they also need to have critical thinking skills like strong observation power and good analytical skills.

Be it products, processes, or services, to compete the world is continuously improving and evolving around us. Having a critical mindset and problem-solving approach helps them to produce solutions to problems in an effective manner in every sphere.

A problem-solving approach is one of the most difficult skills that are quite tricky to master, as life is unpredictable. It is a skill that takes a lot of practice, so you can start by helping your children to tackle daily challenges. A simple jigsaw puzzle can improve your child`s problem-solving ability. There are also many learning platforms for students like BB Junior that will help your child to build the foundation of academics but also help in building good relationships that are integral in one's personal and professional life.

3. Teamwork & Collaboration

Living alone and working without having to interact with anyone is something that is not possible. From school to coaching classes, sports to debates, projects to competitions children will have to interact and work in a group. Hence, teaching children the importance of teamwork is important.

Giving your efforts is important in achieving the team`s success. And this mantra is quite important for kids to learn and apply in their daily lives. It is through teamwork that children will communicate and share their ideas and contribute to the problem at hand in a more effective manner while they will also learn to receive and give feedback positively.

Soft skills learning is very important for a child`s overall personality development. Online platforms like BB Junior is an interactive platform that not only helps to make the foundation of education stronger but also provides a unique school experience beyond science fair projects and senior papers.

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