HABIT- This five-character word has immense power, especially for entrepreneurs. A good habit can transform your life magically, doing unbelievable wonders. On the other hand, a bad habit can ruin not just your mood, temperament, and daily life, but also your plans.

Many entrepreneurs are often curious to know about the daily habits of successful people, and how they can inculcate them in their own lives. However, there is one thing that every entrepreneur who is working on a small business startup plan must remember that developing a set of habits doesn’t have to be complex.

Take Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, for instance. He has two key habits that he follows religiously, every morning—gratitude and exercise. Every morning he gets up and pays his gratitude for all the things in his life that he is thankful for. An act of expressing gratitude has been shown to improve mental and physical health. He then goes to the gym and no matter where he is, he commits to going to the gym for at least 30 minutes. People who are physically fit have shown improved cognitive function.

Dr. Vivek Bindra who is one of the best motivational speakers in India often says in his motivational videos on YouTube, “Your mindset often determines how you approach the challenges that come into your life and the people around you. If you have a positive mindset, it will play a significant role to determine your success in leadership.”

But many of us get up in the morning only to surrender to our laziness and not-so-healthy morning mistakes. The cost of making mistakes can be quite high. The time that we waste by remaining caught up in the activities that are unproductive can be used to develop groundbreaking startup business ideas for your business.

Here is a list of mistakes that can cost you productivity and peace every morning:

Mistake 1- Jumping out of bed as soon as the Alarm goes

Certainly, many of you must be thinking how leaving your bed as soon as the alarm goes off could be a bad habit? Surely, forcing yourself to jump out of bed the moment your alarm goes off helps you to start your day early. But very few people know that this simple-looking action can disconnect you you’re your body.

What should you do Instead- Take just a few minutes to stretch and elongate your body, as stretching can help you feel more confident. As simple as stretching your arms into a V shape can boosts incredible happiness, your mood and increases your blood flow to all areas of your life.

Mistake 2: Checking Phone Immediately

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. According to a survey conducted by Mobile Consumers, “1 out of every 4 young adults checks their phones within one minute of waking up.” It is tempting to check phones every morning when there is so much information on this small device. But according to the health experts, it is a major mistake.

What should you do instead- Always remember that there is nothing on your phone that can`t wait. Your body and mind are not ready for the type of stimulation that your phone has. When you are waking up, it is important to focus on presence and gratitude, to connect your mind with your body through some morning movements. Write down your goals and startup business ideas if you are planning to start your own business.

Mistake 3- Sleeping in too late

A study reported that “people who get themselves out of the bed at the crack of the dawn responded that they felt “highly productive” 71% of the time as compared to those who snooze until 11 am.

What should you do instead- Now, we are not telling you which hours you should or should not sleeping, but going to bed in time will help you to complete your sleeping hours. You will wake up early and get a couple of hours to set up your morning routine. This will make you more productive and help you to plan your day in a better way. You can also take the help of a professional business motivational speaker to help you set up a healthy routine.

We all have the same 24 hours, and we all must cultivate healthy habits to give our mornings a kick-start. The list of all the above-mentioned alternatives is an invitation to experiment. Stretch out, keep that phone turned off, and try getting up earlier than you are used to and you will see productivity and peace rushing into your life.

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