If you are an entrepreneur with an e-commerce business, you must have experienced the highs and lows of hosting a webinar. After all, improving your attendance rates can result in higher sales than any other conversion strategy.  However, it is also one of the most dangerous places where you can lose most potential buyers in a campaign.

The major reason behind this is that sometimes you are so focused on the sale, you forget about getting people on the webinar. Earlier 60-70% of people would attend a webinar live whereas today, most people are likely to get 25% of the audience.

According to a report, 64% of businesses received a new client in the last year through a Facebook video.

In another survey, ‘83% of video marketers say that webinars have helped them generate leads. 84% of consumers admitted that they have been convinced to purchase a product or service by watching a video by a brand’.

Webinars have exploded on the internet, especially in that past year. The consumption of social media content is increased due to the pandemic. As the people were forced to stay at home, online consumption spiked up. And as the trend evolved, more and more marketers began to take the advantage of them.

So what makes WEBINARS a popular choice amongst the marketers as well as the consumers?

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to hook in new leads. It helps brands to change with the rapidly changing consumer behavior and market trends. A potential buyer will buy your product or sign up for your service because it will help them. Not because it`s cool, hip, or trendy.

This is why people love hands-on lessons and casual walkthroughs that can help them build their businesses in a better and simple way.

Brilliantly planned and executed webinars can result in a 19% of the conversion rate on an average. These are pretty solid statistics if you compare them with the average conversion rate on standard PPC campaigns on websites.

If you too are planning to host a webinar, here are 5 tips to cut through the noise and attract a large audience to your webinar:

1. Identify your Customers` Challenges

Understanding your customers or clients is paramount. Ask your potential customers, existing & potential clients about their current challenges, frustrations, and desires. Post questions on Facebook and read the comments. Find out why consumers will choose your brand and not your competitors. Identify the solutions and use the exact language in your webinar. This will make your audiences feel seen and heard.

2. Pick a topic that Attracts Attendees

Research a topic that will pull more people towards your webinar. Which topic according to you will attract more audience?

a). How to purchase our product?


b). Make your business easier through new strategies?

If you pick the ‘option B’ then you are right. Why? The second option promises a benefit that will help your customers to run their business operation, smoothly.

If you test different topics for your webinar, you will find that an interesting, engaging, timely, and educational webinar will pull more audience. Your presentation should be ‘customer-centric and ‘solution-oriented. This will give participants practical ways to solve the challenges they are facing currently.

The topic should also obviously include the real goal of lead generation, product launching, and educating your audience.

3. Find your Target Audience

If you are selling a sports product, it would be pointless to market a webinar to those who are more interested in business courses. Hence, it is extremely necessary to search out forums, mail groups, chat rooms, or any other social media platform to find out your target audience.

Once you find a topic of interest, create a follow-up plan, and make a strategy to build your event marketing plan from there.

4. Be open to fluctuating Attendance Expectations

Sometimes we overestimate the numbers and find it demotivating to see the actual number of people who attend the webinar. Expect a show rate of only 30% of those who have registered for a free webinar.

If your numbers are below that then make sure that you are sending day-of and 24 hours reminders via email. Send invitations to more prospects and multiple times to remind them about your free webinar.

5. Use Polling Questions

The best way to increase the engagement on your webinar is to ask your audience to participate in your webinar. If you have ever attended a webinar on one of the most leading platforms, you must have noticed that they allow you to pre-load interactive polling questions.

You can capture the attention of your audiences by asking questions related to the webinar. Ask things like:

i. What interests you most about the webinar?

ii. What are the immediate challenges you are facing?

iii. Would you like to boost your sales?

iv. Would you like more information on our latest product or services?

The type of questions that we have mentioned above will not only attract the audience to your webinar but also give them ‘food-for-thought and keep them hooked for your next webinar.

Have your attendees try, buy and contact you for more information on your products or next webinar. Also, offer them a limited-time offer for the webinar to create urgency and hype around it. If you are doing an educational webinar, tell your attendees to stay on for more information.

And last, but far away from least- Be Enthusiastic and talk in a more connecting way! Motivate your participants and engage them in conversation. Want to know more about marketing strategies? Click here: https://www.badabusiness.com/?ref_code=ArticlesLeads to join the league of successful entrepreneurs.