India has faced a lot due to COVID-19, and to be honest, every person is now being affected by it. This pandemic has hit economies, employment, and all sectors in very different ways worldwide, and the small business is the one that has felt the pressure a little more.

It is said that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Similarly, some industries managed to grow because of the spread of the coronavirus. One of the examples is the underserved and unnoticed hygiene market that has made footprints in this pandemic as demand for these products has increased. With this, EdTech or online learning, space has been growing rapidly, due to staying home and upskilling themselves.

Let's see which small business has thrived or started off amid this pandemic.

Cover Yourself with the Masks

In the times of the pandemic, one thing which came out as a survivor during this time is Masks. After medical communities around the globe declared masks as a preventing measure to alleviate the spread of the virus.

Therefore, this leads to a huge demand for masks led to small - scale companies to set up or start manufacturing mask with less investment

Protection for Hands- Gloves

From doctors to nurses and other healthcare people wearing medical gloves using it as a precaution for avoiding coming into contact. Not only the health care sector using it but, now common citizens also using it for avoiding infection through the surface.

So, it made demand and supply of gloves have increased, therefore it made small owners utilize this opportunity of manufacturing facility for disposable gloves with capital under Rs 50,000.

Wash Your Hand Properly - Hand Sanitiser

Due to this pandemic washing your hands has become the most important task of the day. Therefore, the demand for hand sanitizer also turned up more into 100x by the users. A lot of brands started producing it, as existing brands struggle to keep up with the pace of demand.

This huge demand leads to opportunities, and with the creation of business opportunities for many entrepreneurs.

Give 20 Seconds to Washing - Soap

Soap is one essential product of our daily life but, after WHO has advocated washing hands for at least 20 seconds to eliminate traces of the virus from the skin. Therefore, people have started a small manufacturing unit at home with fewer investments.

These soaps are made home ingredients like herbs or special anti-viral to sell and made huge demands with building trust among people.

Let's Learn Online

One sector which has shown promising growth during these tougher times is the EdTech sector, which had shown immense growth and up-gradation. We all were forced to be at home, which pushed them to be dependent on technology for learning and updating their skills. These online platforms had everything to give users like online tutorials, masterclasses, webinars, and online workshops.

The interest made birth and growth to the new and existing companies for flourishing. And given the opportunity to people who have the talent and skills to teach others.

As popularly said, that in every battle, there is a winning side and a losing side. So, in the fight with COVID-19 times, we have lost a lot, but, this small business got a chance to flourish.