As per an old and highly popular saying, First Impression is the Last Impression. For a business, the name creates its first impression in the minds of people. It provides an identity to the firm. The name also helps in creating a unique position to the firm as well as its product. The business carries the name for years to come. It is associated with creating brand image, goodwill and developing a connect with the people. Hence, an entrepreneur needs to be very careful while naming the business.5 Billion Dollar Sales Strategies that will Boost Business Sales!

From incubation to implementation, for starting a business an entrepreneur has to face various stages and struggles. They usually overlook the most important aspect of business establishment, that is deciding a suitable name for the firm and end up picking up the first name that comes in their minds. Various factors effect the process of naming the business. Here are some tips to follow while deciding the name for your start-up -

Keep It Short

The business should have a short name, so that people grasp and remember it easily. People should be able to say it in one breathe. Ideally, the name of the business should be between 17 to 24 characters. It ideally should not have more than two words. A short name helps in creating more attractive marketing campaigns as well.

Go With Catchy Words

Another way to embed the business' name in consumers mind is by making is catchy and quirky. Go for words and phrases which are appealing to the public at large. Try to make the name as relatable as possible. Do not use difficulty or ornamental vocabulary which is difficult for the people to grasp and understand. It will fail the purpose. Govt. of India Free Online Learning Program for Start-Ups.

Name Should be Easy to Spell

The name should be easy to spell and pronounce. People should not get confuse in its spelling. Use the original spelling of the word. Entrepreneur should avoid twisting or modifying the spelling of the name. Consumers should be able to pronounce the word as soon as they look at it, so that they are able to retain it.

Check for Domain Name Availability

If your business is on an online platform, before deciding the name the entrepreneur should run a quick check on the availability of the domain name. The name should reflect the business' operations as well as its vision. It is important to make sure that the name is not similar to already established business that would create confusion and divert the firm's customers to other website.


One of the easiest ways to find out whether a name will work for the enterprise or not is by asking for feedback from the people outside the business circle. This can be done through social media campaigns or survey.

The process of selecting an appropriate name for the business involves various factors. An entrepreneur should consider all these parameters and choose a name that justifies the vision and mission of the business without compromising on its originality and appeal.

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