Summary: If you are not delivering your customers an out-of-world experience, you are not doing enough for your business.

Delivering a world-class customer experience that guarantees customer satisfaction in today's hyper-competitive world is more important than ever.

The impact of the pandemic has changed customer behavior. And if there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is that companies no longer meet the expectations of their customers. They are falling short of expectations by overpromising and under-delivering.

A study by American Express states, ‘around 60% of people are willing to pay more if an enhanced customer experience is guaranteed.’

“If companies focus on delivering instead of making false commitments, they can surprise their patrons by giving them more than they can ever expect to receive”, says Dr. Vivek Bindra, the best motivational speaker in India.

Companies need to identify the trending patterns and customer behavior to build strategies in the near term.

Here are the 3 crucial strategies that will help your business to woo customers:

1. Retain Existing Consumers

“It costs 5 to 25 times as much to attract a new client than to retain an old one” states a report published by Harvard Business Review. Hence, more focus should be on retaining the old customers. Bringing customers back after their first purchase is crucial.

A customer journey consists of various touch-points that together add up to the experience they get upon interacting with a brand or a company. One way to do this is to understand the fact that customer behavior is constantly evolving.

Observing the current trend and pattern is important. Seeing the world as a pool of potential customers can help companies and small businesses to organize better and mobilize their employees around the customer requirements.

2. Creating Brand Advocates

If you ask a business coach what is the best way to create loyal customers? They will reply in unison- catering to all their needs and requirements. When you fulfill the expectations of your customers, you may have turned them into your brand advocates. No wonder what experts may believe, word-of-mouth is still the best, most trustworthy, and credible source of advertising. For instance, if your friend shares his experience about a respective brand, you will believe your friend more than any advertisement. So when you over-deliver your customers, you give them a surprise factor. And this turns them into your brand advocate.

Advocates are often regular shoppers, willing to spend significantly on products they love. These brand advocates may not have much social influence. And their advice and endorsements can be exposed far and wide through various digital strategies. They are passionate about a brand and loyal to them. Connecting with these folks will have a longer-lasting effect than trying to approach an influencer who's probably bombarded by other pitches.

3. Build Strong Connections with Customers

Companies need to interact with their customers across multiple channels (website, live chat, social media, and more). While the customers appreciate the candid interaction across multiple channels, they want it to be consistent.

Brands should focus on customer experience and must invest heavily in it. Customers do not want to do business with a company that ignores their requirements. Hence, you can build strategies to give your consumer a world-class experience. Once you learn how to cater to your customers’ needs, you can win their loyalty for a long time.

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