The success of any business is not only the responsibility of the owner or founder. Efficient and dedicated work of the entire team leads to the attainment of firm’s objective. Despite several bottlenecks such as low finance, stiff competition, unfavourable external environment among others, with the right team  a business can easily sail through tough situations. Therefore, it is important for the businesses hire the right person for the job.Women Entrepreneurship Cell Launched by Maharashtra Govt to Boost Female Engagement in Startups.

Hiring people is not an easy task. It involves a lot of time, money and resources. Reaching to the right set of employable candidates and choosing the person who fits the job as well as the business’ internal environment is always tricky. Here are some points firms should remember while hiring employees-

Financial Position of Enterprise

Before hiring new employees, it is important for the firm to have a sound financial position. The business should have enough free funds to provide for the new member on board. Hiring employees not only involves paying the salary, the firm is also responsible for employment taxes, worker’s compensation fees, additional insurance requirements among others.

Comprehensive Job Description

Another important thing while undertaking the hiring process is to make a comprehensive job description. It helps the business to determine duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. It helps to figure out right candidate and necessary skills for the job role and makes the hiring process more efficient. 3 Tips for Setting Better Business Goals for Employees.

Reach the Right Candidate

The firms also need to make sure that they are able to reach the right set of candidates. Businesses should list the opening at various online platforms, placement agencies, employment exchanges for reaching a wider base of potential employees. While listing the role, the firm should clarify various employments terms like whether they are looking for fresher, for experienced person, for part time or full time positions among others.

Carefully Examine the Applications

Once the firm receives applications from all the potential candidates, it should carefully screen all the profiles. Firms should choose the employee whose skill set matches the requirements of the firm or nearest to it. After shorting listing the application, candidates should be called in for aptitude tests and interviews, based on which the firms should pick the most deserving candidate.

Employee Orientation

The process of hiring an employee does not end with bringing the person on board. Once the person joins the firm as an employee, it is the responsibility of the employer to conduct proper orientation for her, so that she is able to understand and adapt the business environment of the organisation. The firm should also impart necessary training to the new employee wherever required.

Hiring new people is a lengthy and tiresome process. But if the right candidate is not picked up, the firm as well as its employees are likely to experience difficulties. While selecting a person, business should not only look at the academic or professional qualifications of the person but also ensure that the person’s attitude and thinking are in line with that of the organisation.