According to a report published in Harvard Business School, when around 600 CEOs were asked what major concerns they have amidst this global pandemic, they replied unanimously- how to keep their employees motivated when their world is crumbling around them.

It is no secret that employees are having a hard time during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report published in the Hindu Businessline, “7 in 10 Indian working professionals (70 percent) reported having felt waves of stress during the working week regularly”.

The chaos that the pandemic has created is one part. The real struggle is to juggle multiple responsibilities. Juggling work, monitoring children, and worrying about friends and family`s health has isolated people from a stress-free environment.

Perhaps, this is the time when employees need support from leadership more than ever. Support that is beyond a motivational speech or a company-wide email because when life and business as we know it has turned upside down, some effective and powerful measures are required.

While everything is in bits and pieces, organizations and their leaders must step forward. They have a unique opportunity to deviate from just usual business and step in and look after their team by putting the available resources to good use.

Leaders and seniors must create an environment, in which employees feel seen, heard, supported, and motivated as partners in the company. Happy employees are more productive and positively impact profits.

Be it pandemic or not, employees are the soul of the company and there are multiple ways to support and keep the employees motivated. The best ones are given below:

  1. Recognition & Motivation

Appreciation can make a day, can even change a life. It might sound simple, yet it has the incredible power to motivate employees at work. According to research the primary reason behind employee dissatisfaction is the lack of appreciation or recognition.

When individuals are recognized for their hard work and contribution, it creates a sense of acknowledgment. If your people are doing a commendable job, it is important to recognize it and appreciate them.

Though this practice is essential for all levels of leadership to implement daily, it is crucial for leaders who take responsibility for all employees. Do not just celebrate KPIs, but also mini-milestones to give them a boost of positivity.

  1. Be Approachable & Available

Nobody understands, but being available and accessible to your employees can be a major factor to keep your employees motivated. Your employees must have the confidence to approach you when required. Many large organizations give birth to mistrust and resentment from the mere fact that the seniors are neither visible nor approachable. Opening lines of communication and accessibility can prove vital to the success of the company.

  1. Provide Constructive Feedback

“Good job, well done” is always appreciated. But providing constructive feedback is more important. Telling your team members how their efforts positively impact the department or the company goals can impart a great sense of achievement in them. Highlighting a specific piece of work done wonderfully, regularly, lets your team know that you are paying attention, especially in the work-from-home scenario.

Constructive feedback is as important as praise. The goal should be to keep your employees grow and evolve, and hence timely feedback is crucial.

  1. Create Space for Professional & Personal Development

Personal development of employees is necessary. People join an organization not only for the current role but also for future career opportunities. Around 33% of job seekers say that professional and personal development is the most important factor in accepting a new job. If an organization does not provide its employees better professional opportunities, the top talent walks out the door.

Now when most of the people are working remotely and L&D budgets slashed, managers must encourage employees to create a culture of continuous learning. Always ensure that employees have time and space for personal development.

  1. Set Clear Goals

Are your organizational goals changed in response to COVID-19? Were employee’s daily tasks and goals redefined in response to the pandemic?

We are living in uncertain times. This has caused anxiety and stress in everyone. As a great leader or a manager, it is your responsibility to reduce role ambiguity and stress. Hence, it is important to define clear goals and boundaries when your people are working remotely.

Successful companies are those who not focus on their business, but also their people who are working tirelessly to ensure continuous services. As a leader, one must create an environment where people often feel connected and are highly engaged.

The above-mentioned strategies will not only help you to keep your employees motivated but also result in their productivity and efficiency. You can learn more by taking our ‘Problem Solving Courses’ that are specially created to tackle the unexpected challenges of the business world.

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