Given the cut-throat competition in the market space, delivering a world-class customer experience that guarantees customer satisfaction is more important than ever.

The impact of the pandemic has impacted customer behavior. The majority of the industries have cut-down their expenditure and the purchases have shifted from in-person to digital channels. Public safety has become the topmost priority for both the customers as well as the companies.

According to a Gartner report from the 2019 Customer Experience Management Survey, organizations nowadays are more committed to customer experience (CX).

A study by American Express stated that around 60% of people are willing to pay more if an enhanced customer experience is guaranteed.

Today, the leaders are realizing how vital the customer experience is and have gained rapid insights to build customer loyalty. The data obtained with the help of advanced analytics can help to achieve revenue gains of 5 to 10 percent and can reduce costs by 15% to 25%.

Post the COVID 19, companies all across the globe are preparing for the long haul. However, the path is rather vague due to uncertain customer behaviors and trends.

To win in the next ‘normal set-up’, companies need to identify the trending patterns and customer behavior to build the strategies in the near term.

Here are the 3 key strategies that will help companies to build a world-class customer experience:

Observe the Current Customer Behavior

Customer behavior is constantly evolving. Thus, observing the current trend and pattern is important. A customer journey consists of various touch-points that together add up to the experience they get upon interacting with a brand or a company.

Seeing the world as a pool of potential customers can help the companies and small businesses to organize better and mobilize their employees around the customer requirements.

Seamless Omni-channel Experiences

Due to the personal and financial losses inflicted upon people all across the world due to the pandemic, the financial flexibility of the customers is limited. But many customers now face a surplus of time. This has stimulated a record-high engagement on digital platforms.

Consumers these days have a low tolerance for bad experiences. A good or bad experience in any single channel can result in winning or losing a life-long customer. So, businesses these days can`t afford to risk ignoring a customer`s touch-points.

Make meaningful Connections with Customers

To build meaningful relationships with customers, companies need to interact with them across multiple channels (website, live chat, social media, and more). While the customers appreciate the candid interaction across multiple channels, they want it to be consistent.

For instance, India has 53 IKEA stores, and if you visit any store across not just India, but across the world, you will get the same experience. IKEA focuses on customer experience and invests heavily into it. And how did it help them? Not only IKEA is one of the most beloved companies in the world, but its revenues have risen to $40 billion worldwide.

No one wants to do business with a company that no treats you well. Hence, providing an exceptional customer experience is vital in today`s time. By using the above-mentioned techniques, you can build strategies to give your consumer a world-class experience.

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