Summary: The great resignation is an opportunity for employers and businesses to reassess, re-engage, and redefine strategies and make them more employee-friendly.

The time that we all have spent during the pandemic working remotely has played a key role in the revolution of ‘The Great Resignation.’ It has given some time to the people involved in a rat race to think about their work-life balance in a way never before possible.

According to an estimate, around 4 million workers per month are quitting their jobs. This is a revolution that is causing great disruption across the globe. While many companies, business coaches, corporate trainers, and leaders are trying to address the problem, many will continue to struggle because they don`t understand the reason behind their employees leaving in the first place.

The majority of the workers are quitting their jobs because of low pay, lack of growth opportunities, toxic culture, and feeling disrespected. Employers and leaders should look at this as a challenge and start reassessing, redefining, re-engaging, and adjusting direction by using the following strategies:

1. Begin By Hiring the Right People

Hiring a person who aligns with your company`s goal and core values typically leads to long-lasting, mutually beneficial hires. It helps to build a team that can work together and employees who feel valued and share values with the company they work for are more likely to stay. Quick or bad hiring practices will leave you in a sticky situation where you will be subject to more resignations.

2. Show Genuine Appreciation

According to one report published in Mckinsey, employees want to feel valued by their managers and their company. Of course, they seek sufficient pay, benefits, and perks, survey data shows that it’s the appreciation and respect that they want from their seniors.

The best motivational speaker in India- Dr. Vivek Bindra says, “Every action which is appreciated, gets repeated.” But how do you show appreciation? If your team is handling a challenging project, send personalized “thank-you” gifts to every member. While people do like bonuses, the key is linking the gift with genuine appreciation. If your employees are feeling burn-out, close the office for an unplug-and-recharge day.

3. Offer Training

Training and professional development are two important keys that can help an employee to grow in his career. You can arrange a few sessions with a business motivational speaker or can provide online training and other coaching tools that can prove to be effective in showing your team members that they are valued. It will not only increase the person`s value but will also their career marketability.

4. Be Generous with Pay & Benefits

Many companies in India still do not feel comfortable with the idea of giving their employees a ‘five-day-working’ culture because they feel why they should pay to give their employees paid offs. However, this is the worst mistake that they can do. Many employees often leave their companies not because of the better pay but because of work-life balance.

Also, offering competitive salaries and benefits packages will give you a fighting chance to land and retain top-performing employees. Practices like bonus plans, compensation reviews, and annual benefits will ensure that your top talent feels appreciated.

5. Offer Work-Life Balance & Flexibility

Thanks to the pandemic, many companies have adopted a “productivity over time in the office” philosophy. However, many companies still have not learned about the hybrid work culture. This is one of the major reasons behind employees quitting their jobs. Adopting a hybrid culture can be a major factor in retaining staff.

While organizations will always face a percentage of resignations each year, smart and committed companies can take real steps, including the ones mentioned above, to overcome the "Great Resignation" by valuing, inspiring, engaging, and retaining employees — especially top performers.

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