Summary: A strong leader can help an organization to stay afloat in the best of times, and in the ones that try us the most.

As an entrepreneur, business leader, or owner, the importance of leadership skills can`t be underestimated. Now, we are living in a post-pandemic world and it will be foolish to assume that the blissful stability that once existed will return. This is why strong leadership is more important than ever!

However many people often wonder what it takes to be a great leader? What constitutes to make a great leader? What are those essential qualities that make for great leadership?

We have asked Dr. Vivek Bindra, the best motivational speaker in India, is it possible to become a great leader with practice? He replied, “Leadership is a skill, and like all skills, it takes practice to become truly great.”

Here are five qualities and mastering them will help you become a more effective leader:

1. Build Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence plays a key role and has an impact on leaders, employees, and organizations as a whole. A leader who is open with his or her emotions in a workplace is much more likely to have a positive impact than a leader who is short-tempered and rigid. The work environment created by the leaders belonging to the latter category is more toxic. Infact, employees experience burnout and attrition is quite high.

To develop emotional intelligence, you need to start introspecting. Cultivating emotional intelligence starts with self-leadership and self-awareness. You can hire a business coach who has been a mentor to high performers. A great mentor can help you to get unstuck and aligned with your goals.

2. Lead With Empathy

Empathy is the ability to be able to understand and relate to the feelings of other people. And it is a very powerful tool for leaders. It can help to build deeper connections with their teams. If it is practiced all over the country it can increase overall success. When you open your heart more, you open up your ability to go against your ego. You open yourself up to new opportunities, new possibilities, and new relationships. A great leader communicates honestly and tries to understand their employees without any judgment.

3. Be a Good Listener

Listening and hearing have a hairline difference between them. While hearing is passive, listening is active. A great leader is someone who understands the difference between the two terms.

Active listening is essential for effective communication. It not only involves ears but many other aspects like body language, expressions, and gestures. What's not said is just as important as what is said.

A great leader will take cues from all other aspects and help people in the organization who might lack the courage to speak up. We need leaders who listen and are intentional about their conversations. Join India's most powerful business training event Leadership Funnel Program 2.0’ by Dr. Vivek Bindra and master the leadership skills.

4. Transparent Communication

When it comes to communication there is no set formula. But, successful communication begins with transparency. But to keep lines open and clear across the business, we must be careful not just about putting our messages across, but also about the mediums, too.

While businesses around the globe are adapting to the change unleashed by the pandemic, great leaders are trying to find the right balance. Good leaders today have to make difficult decisions such as furloughs, and staff reductions.

5. Act Quickly & Confidently

Many leaders talk, but they do not execute what they say. And it is doing so that separates the real leaders from the rest. When your words match your actions, people learn to develop trust. It is more impactful when you take action on what you are hearing from your employees. Leaders who act quickly and confidently often must make difficult decisions, and for that it takes grit.

We are in uncertain times, where the dynamic of business is constantly changing. Leaders, who have clear objectives, are certain, and are committed to their passion and perseverance, are the ones who will continue to build trust in these uncertain times.

It is essential to have leadership qualities to lead a successful business. Learn how to become a powerful leader from the industry experts in our ‘Leadership Funnel Program 2.0’. To know more, click here: