In the recent years, many start-ups have emerged in the country in several industries. The start-up ecosystem is blooming with more and more businesses being established and people taking to entrepreneurship. However, many of these businesses do not last for more than a couple of hours owing to the existing competition. As for start-ups a wide reach and customers' recognisation is important which depends on its public communication techniques. Sales promotion, publicity, advertising, personal selling are all the part of marketing mix. A judicious use of all these, ensure an effective customer reach to the firm. 4 Startup Ideas That Housewives and Moms at Home Can Consider and Earn a Good Amount.

Here are 3 Effective Marketing Techniques Start-Ups Should Follow : 

Collaboration with Influencers

One of the easiest way to have an effective reach for the start-up is to collaborate with the influencers. People share a personal trust and connect with the social media influencers, if they promote or use the firm's product their followers are bond to look up for the same. Hence, it helps in drawing customers' attention towards the start-up and winning their trust.

Offer a Free or Trial Version of the Product

Another way to attract customers at the early stage of the business is by offering free or trial version of the product or service which the start-up is bringing to the market. People tend to be drawn towards free offers and take up the product. It has been proven to be a highly successful for start-up and even for established businesses who are launching new products or services. 3 Small Business Trends that will Emerge in 2021!

E-Mail Marketing

For a start up to be successful, it needs to develop a connect with the potential customer. E-mail marketing is one of the best and cost effective option a firm has to establish the connect with the public. By sending personalised mails to the customers, a firm draws their attention towards itself, its products and services.

Right from entering the market to position itself among the competitors, a firm needs to follow a comprehensive and well researched marketing plan. It helps the business to establish itself and flourish. It also helps in acquiring new customers as well as retaining the old ones.