In order to survive the dynamic market conditions and stiff competitors, businesses need to keep promoting itself and acquiring new customers while retaining the existing ones. Once the business has established itself in the market, next step is to expand and diversify. A pre-requisite for successful expansion and growth of the firm is a wide reach and awareness among potential and target customers. A comprehensive and well researched marketing plan is important for business development.5 Simple Steps to Start a Packaging Business in India.

With the coming in of social media, the avenues to promote businesses have increased. Marketing is no longer restricted to offline spaces. Business promotion involves all the activities that are undertaken to communicate about the enterprise and its product or service. It includes advertisement, public relations, branding among others. 5 Ways To Eliminate Work Stress And Avoid Burnout.

Here are 4 effective ways to promote Small Business:

List Your Business in Online Directories

One way to reach customers is by listing the business in online directories. There are various sites available over the net that gives you can opportunity to list your business for free. Especially, for small businesses with low budget listing is a beneficial option of promoting the business. Some of business listing sites in India are :


Partner With Other Small Businesses

Another way to promote a small business is by partnering in with businesses in the same or complementary field. This way the business can enter new markets and take advantage of partner's resources and customers. It helps the business to understand the market orientation better and modify its offering accordingly.

Create and Verify Business Profile on Google

To promote business online, having a verified business profile on Google. It automatically lists your business on search engines and it pop-ups whenever someone looks for similar product or services in your locality. It helps in boosting consumers' confidence in the business, as people are increasingly becoming depended on online resources.

E-Mail Marketing Strategy

E-mail marketing is the most important aspect of online marketing. By communicating with customers on regular basis through personalised e-mails help developing a connect between the firm and customer. As per surveys, e-mail converts more people into customers as compared to any other element of digital marketing.

Businesses should have a balanced mix of online and offline promotional elements in the marketing plan. No one business can survive without proper marketing strategies which are flexible and responsive to dynamic environment. To evolve and grow businesses should carefully choose and implement promotional strategy.