The unexpected turn-out of events, involving COVID-19 is making both consumers and businesses face a new reality. As the consumers are shifting to digital platforms, taking the right action, and finding the right message that can connect your brand with the customers can be challenging.

A Gartner report suggests that ‘comfort and security are two aspects that consumer is looking for to create a protected environment for themselves and their families.’ Every ad campaign, message, and channel must evoke a feeling that will make customers buy your product.

If you are looking to revive your business in 2021, here are the best New Year Marketing Ideas to help you achieve your profit goals:


  1. Make a World Class Website- With the entire world shifting to digital platforms; creating a website with neat & clean design will attract customers in great numbers. Use a white background and keep the interface simple so that customers can find what they are looking for in one glance. Do not forget to mention Call-to-action!


  1. Track Customer`s Buying Behaviour- Consumers have become more aware and careful about where they spend their money. Hence, track what triggers them to click on your website, old patterns of purchasing, issues your customers are facing, and what makes them go to your competitor`s website. Your marketing Ideas for New Year should be based on the analysis of your customer`s data.


  1. Anticipatory Content- Create good content that will solve your customer`s problem. From infographics to videos, create content that is short, crisp, and sends out a clear message.


  1. Shift to Inbound Marketing- Ditch old & traditional marketing methods and switch to Inbound marketing. Invest in content marketing, blogging, SEO, Social Media, and PPC marketing that will improve your brand awareness. This Marketing idea will help your product reach the right customer.


  1. Build Your Database- The most valuable thing in today`s world is ‘database’. Collect your consumer`s details like e-mail addresses, contact numbers, interests, and their buying behavior to create personas. Build a database of your existing and prospective buyers. Invest in good CRM software and it will help you increase your sales.


  1. Renew your Old Data- Build new relationships with your old customers. Follow up with them but not to pitch your product, but to cultivate a relationship with them by using the 40-20-40 rule.


Your 40% focus should be on maintaining a relationship, while 20% should be about selling your product, and 40% on building a relationship. Whether you are an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur, following this New Year Marketing Idea can help you grow your business.


  1. Story Telling for Recall- Create a brand`s story that a customer will remember for a long time. A good story that creates a delightful experience in a customer`s mind will help him/her to remember your product or brand. This will help you to build customer loyalty.

New Year Marketing Ideas mentioned above will help you to outreach your customers in a more efficient way.

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