In order to survive in long term and ensure financial soundness, a business needs to acquire new customers and expand its operations. One of the easiest way to do so its business promotions. Local and small businesses with a limited potential customer base should continuous promotional activities to attract new buyers, retain existing ones and avoid loosing the limited target market to a competitor. Building a World-class Customer Experience: 3 Strategies to stay ahead of your Competitors.

Since local businesses cater to a local population hence it lesser scope for expansion and growth as compared to firms which are based in more areas. As per market survey, consumers prefer to buy from local stores more than the national chain. Here are 4 ways to promote your local business :

Offline Marketing

Though digital marketing is the need of the hour, local business are likely to gain more traction and public attention through traditional modes of promotions. Word of mouth works as an effective promotional tool among local population. Distribute flyers, put up hoarding, boards and posters at popular sites in the city making people aware about your business, products, offers etc. 5 Cost-effective Inventory Management Tips for Retailers to Save More Money!

Develop Referral Partnerships

Another way to promote the business is by getting into referral partnership with the local businesses that essential deals in complementary products and share the firm's target customers. This reciprocal arrangement will help both the parties with increased customers and enhanced revenue. For instance, a mobile dealer can get in a referral partnership with a mobile accessories business.

Contribute in Local Events

Another way to attract locals' attention is by participating and contributing to the locally organised events including exhibition, haats, cultural festivals etc. It provides a great platform to showcase business' products and services to the target customers. Contributing and donating to such events also enhances firm's goodwill and reputation among the people.

Collaborate with Local Influencers

All the cities have few local influencers and celebrities who have a huge following and can leave a strong influence on the local population. Collaborating with such celebrities provide businesses with a great opportunity to attract more customers.

For local businesses to survive the stiff competition from the national and international chains becomes difficult if the firm does not keep attracting the new customers and retain the existing ones. A well planned promotional strategy helps the business to survive the dynamic external business and be successful.