Mumbai, November 24: Online gifting business is one of the most profitable business options which you can open just ahead of Christmas and New Year 2020. This is such a category, where there will be demand 365 days and the sales will also peak as the festive season approaches. This is such a business, which doesn't require a big investment.

However, thinking of the huge competition in this space, it is very important to take care of few factors in order to stay ahead in the race.  We have listed a few steps for you to follow if you wish to boost sales ahead of Christmas and New Year.

Stock Up with good products: Create a good website and stock up with essential products. The festive occasions should be properly highlighted and gifts around those specific days should be arranged for.

Marketing strategy: Once you have a good stock, it is important to market it so that customers will come to know about it. Be regular with social media marketing, update at least thrice a week. Whenever you add a new product, inform your customers about it. The website should also be updated with the latest products.

Product Delivery: Pay attention to product delivery. In today's age and day, hire a good delivery partner who will ensure that your product will reach in the safe hands of the customers.

Customer Relation: Remember, you are in the servicing industry. The topmost priority should be to make the customers happy and leave a good impression on their mind. If customers have complaints, then address it and don't sit over it. You should make them feel special and be humanely in your approach.

Customers are not only spending their money but also their time in buying your product. So it is your responsibility to see that they have a fruitful shopping experience. In today's digital age, customers share their experience in a jiffy on social media, be it good or bad.