Mumbai, October 28: Coronavirus pandemic has made every business to restructure their strategy and planning for the future. It has come as a roadblock, where companies have been forced to sit down, brainstorm on new ideas and evolve. The pandemic has also seen several companies shutting down and many on the verge of collapse. Here are some smart marketing tips which you can implement to help your business grow amid the pandemic.

We need to remember that it is an extremely difficult work environment, demand has been ebbing and sales have been low. Businesses, therefore, need to implement some cost-effective and smart ideas to target their audience.

Connect With your customers: Use digital media to connect with your customers. This is a time to really show empathy to others and help out where you can. Remember, not to be too pushy with your products, but spread love and make your customers feel special and connected.

Strengthen your online presence: Make sure you are there on Google. Strengthen your presence on the online platform. In this age and day, the first thing a customer does is to use google. For e.g. if he is searching about restaurants near me and if your eatery doesn't show up on the list, you have lost a chance to connect with your probable customer.

Work on your SEO: SEO will help your business increase organic traffic to your website and move past your competition.

Invest in good and relevant content: It is very important to invest in good and relevant content. For it, you need to do research. Put up information which is relevant for your business and which the customers want to see.

We are hopeful that you will get some insights from these marketing tips and it will help your startup to grow in these challenging times.